Motti Morell: Disconnection Reaffirmed

Motti Morell

Dear readers,

We are glad to post an article our friend Motti Morell just forwarded to us. Motti has developed tight contacts within Miscavige’s inner circle. His sources at MCO (Miscavige’s Communication Office) have been leaking to Motti the latest and greatest writings from Miscavige, serving proof of his abundant ingenuity. We are grateful to Motti for making these MCOPL’s available to our readers. We are sure that reading them will make you even happier you’re out of the nuthouse, AKA “Church of Scientology”.

For those of you who do not yet know Motti Morell: Motti is the owner of Morell & Co. Communications. He is a well known communications & media expert, public relations specialist and strategy consultant to politicians and major corporations. Here is Motti’s Linkedin page.

Motti Morell

Motti started doing Scientology in 1978, has received services at many orgs including Flag. He too has had enough and left the Church recently.

To: My fellow Free Scientologists in Israel and world-wide

From: Motti Morell

I humbly present before you the latest and greatest from their Dear Leader:


MCO Policy Letter of August 6th, 2014

Gen Non-Remimeo



Exec Sec Hats

CO Sec Hat

C/S Hat


Legal Officer Hat


LRH Comm Hat


Despite the bad PR our disconnection policy has suffered from, due to the growing hordes of squirrels, I can assure you that the disconnection policy is our number one survival point.

A recent confidential poll conducted among Scientologists in good standing has shown conclusively that if disconnection was dropped as a policy, 78% of all Scientologists would walk out on the Church.

Independent Scientology is gnawing at our clientele with the lure of cheaper rates and softer ethics. Our saving grace is the fact that most Scientologists have family members, friends, employers, employees and business associates in the Church. Fear of disconnection keeps them within the fold. Most of them do not want to be separated forever from their loved ones, fired from their jobs, lose their businesses and their livelihood.

Furthermore, they do not want their loved ones to get into trouble, heavy ethics, Sec-Checks or have their Bridge progress blocked.

So those 78% who are disaffected with the Church grit their teeth and keep their mouths shut and stay in. They don’t even share their thoughts with their closest relatives and friends for fear it will all come out in the confessionals with dire consequences to everyone involved.

I must commend those 78% for withholding their critical thoughts. Responsibility is “able to withhold” (HCOB 21 Jan 1960, RESPONSIBILITY) and these individuals do it for the greatest good.

That’s why, with all the attacks we endure, we still manage to keep our membership and stream of donations waning at a moderate rate rather than crashing down at once. Had the disconnection  policy been canceled, as a certain SP long since removed attempted it at one time in the past “in order to get good PR”, the Church of Scientology would have come plummeting to oblivion.

Therefore, the policy of disconnection is reaffirmed here with a vengeance, as it is just about the only glue that keeps us more or less intact.

Pain of disconnection is our lifeline. Use it.

David Miscavige,

Dear Leader (AKA: Der Fuehrer)

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