Lola Solan Goes Clear

Dror Friends is happy to announce that Lola Solan has attested to the State of Clear. For many years before she found Scientology, Lola was looking for a way to improve her abilities and she searched for answers to questions she asked herself about life. She tried many practices until her brother, David, brought her to Dror Center in 1994.

Very soon, Lola made a decision to go clear and OT. She started to go up the Bridge and did her training in Dror Center and Tel Aviv Org. Although she was determined to fulfill her goal, she realized it would not be possible under the Church. In 2012, she knew that the right step to take is to leave the Church along with her friends at Dror Center, whom she highly trusted.

In February 2020, Lola attested to the State of Clear. In her speech, Lola expressed high gratitude to her auditor Aviv Bershadsky who brought her to clear. She also emphasized how important it was that Dani and Tami Lemberger brought to Dror all the original materials of Ron so it is available to everyone.

We invite you to watch Lola’s attest; we included subtitles in English for your convenience. 

5 thoughts on “Lola Solan Goes Clear”

  1. Tami Lemberger

    You are setting the best example of : “The supreme test of the being is to make things go right!”, such Tone-40!
    Lots of love,

  2. David Yablonovsky

    I’m really proud of you. You did it, i know it was not easy but it was definitely worth it. You did a fantastic job and i’m very ecstatic. I wish you continue to OT levels and build yourself however you want to be.
    Love you,

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