Life Repair Auditors Wanted!

Alex Shur
Alex Shur
Nir Lahav
Nir Lahav

Dear Friends,
As we all know, Scientology will continue to survive only if we train new auditors. This has been the emphasis of Dror’s efforts over the past years. The two success stories I am presenting today are especially exciting for me as they come from two students who are training to become auditors.

In his article of March 1958,  Does Clearing Cancel the Need for Training, Ron writes:

“…Remember – you were Clear once – trillions of years ago. Why didn’t you stay that way? Because the traps were well designed and you had no anatomy of the traps.

“Well, Scientology does have the anatomy of the traps, the Axioms, the discipline and know-how necessary to handle and control the laws of the universe. Scientology is the data necessary to live

“…The best things a person can do are to (1) get trained and (2) get cleared. Auditors will always be senior to Clears.”

However, many auditors were expelled in 1982 when Miscavige seized power. After 1996, when the Golden Age of Tech was introduced, many veteran auditors were forced to stop auditing because they were demanded to redo their training. When the first GAT failed since it did not lead to the promised expansion, Miscavige introduced GAT II in 2013, and again caused experienced auditors to resign following the demand to train a third time!

We can witness the empty academies in most Class V Orgs in the Church of Scientology. To be frank with you, not many auditors are being trained in the Indie field as well. There are very few young people choosing an auditor career. This means that the auditor profession will soon to be extinct!

We, the partners at Dror, realized when leaving in 2012 that we have to do something about it! We analyzed thoroughly the entire auditor training line-up. We realized that in the Church, the training side of the Bridge is not aligned with the processing Grades of the same Bridge.

For example, typically, the first auditing action a pc should receive per LRH is Life Repair. However, in order to train on the Life Repair Auditor Course in the Church, one must first be a Class IV Auditor.

The Objective Processes are done immediately after the Purification RD, but an auditor learns to deliver the Objectives on the Level I Auditor Course. Next, the Preclear receives the Scientology Drug RD but to do that course the auditor must first be a Class 3 Auditor.

However, in order for a new auditor to open his practice, he should be able to deliver to a beginning pc a Life Repair Program, then Objectives, then the Scientology Drug RD. According to the Church’s line-up, the auditor must first complete his Level IV Auditor Course, only then can he do the Life Repair Auditor Course and finally he is allowed to handle a new pc. This delays the opening of his practice by at least two years! Very few people can afford this.

The technical experts at Dror Center rolled up their sleeves and overhauled the entire training line-up, so that a fresh auditor can train in our Academy and begin auditing his preclears at the same time. After mastering auditing basics, a student goes straight onto the newly-designed Life Repair Auditor Course and can immediately start auditing. He then does the Objectives Auditor Course and the Drug Rundown Auditor Course followed by Academy Levels 0 to IV.

The other bug we identified in the Church’s auditor training was that the theory section on checksheets was extended way beyond what’s needed, whereas the auditing section was considerably shortened. This is in direct violation of LRH’s instructions in LRH ED 107 INT 3 June 1970, Orders to Divisions for Immediate Compliance (OEC Vol. 5, p. 267):

“Courses should be fast, auditing drawn out. This is the exact reverse of what has been happening. Slow courses and fast auditing destroy the subjects of Dianetics and Scientology.”

We turned it back as Ron said! On our training Bridge, the student gets the essential data of the level he’s studying and then audits it to great results on his preclears!

Following these changes, we currently have 16 students on various levels of auditor training. If making new auditors is important to you, you’d be delighted to see their happy faces after session.

A good example in case is Nir Lahav, ex-Sea Org executive, a business consultant with 18 years of experience. Nir recently completed the Life Repair Auditor Course, and now has 10 of his consulting clients on Life Repair auditing! Together with his partner, Pavel Shahar, they developed a business consulting program that includes an Executive Life Repair and their activity is booming. Please, see Nir’s video success story here:

Alex Shur started Scientology in 2002 at Dror Center. In 2009, Alex continued at AOSH EU, Copenhagen where he attested Clear and did his OT Levels up to OT 5, Audited NOTs. In 2012, Alex left the church together with his friends at Dror Center. He continued his OT Levels at Dror Center, and in 2018, completed Solo NOT’s. Alex then decided he needs to help others go up the Bridge. Today, Alex will tell us his wins from studying the Life Repair Auditor course:

Enjoy the videos, please make sure to turn on the English subtitles.

Warm Regards, Dani

Alex Shur is Studying the Life Repair Auditor Course

Nir Lahav Completes Life Repair Auditor Course

2 thoughts on “Life Repair Auditors Wanted!”

  1. Just wonderful work you are all doing at the Dror Center!

    This streamlining of auditor training, especially at the beginning stages, is just what has been needed to help perpetuate the subject.

    Extremely well Done!

    Best, Randy Smith

  2. Dani Lemberger

    Hello Randy, thank you for joining our forum.
    As you know, and as you practice daily in your activity, training is the key to understanding and personal advancement.
    Our group’s steady expansion is founded on a well-manned academy operating six days a week, ten hours daily. The result is now more than 100 public on lines and many doing their OT Levels.
    We are helping others open academies in Israel and Europe, it looks like the future of Scientology is bright!

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