Kostas on Leadership and Communication

Two weeks ago, on 16 Sept 2022, we presented Kostas Pappas, who comes to Dror Center from Athens to continue his voyage up Ron Hubbard’s Route to Spiritual Freedom.

Kostas operates a thriving business in Athens, selling medical equipment that helps people with certain bodily pains and deficiencies. With the skills he acquired, that are based on Hubbard’s Communication Technology, Kostas has boomed his business.

The theory of communication and establishing successful relationships are presented in LifePower’s Complete Communication Manual, along with full instructions for practicing of Hubbard’s eight Communication Drills.

This technology – the expertise of application of knowledge – is drilled to perfection on The Leadership Communication Course. The course guarantees that its graduates can handle any business or life situation with communication! This means, no surprises, no embarrassment nor stuttering – the graduates can navigate through any situation with confidence to the desired result.

In an interview with Aviv Bershadsky, Kostas tells us about the Leadership Comm Course and the benefits he experiences daily from its application.

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