Kaspars Cveigelis – Leader of LifePower Latvia

Kaspars Cveigelis

Kaspars Cveigelis is an old friend and regular visitor at Dror Center. He and his close buddy Gatis Drevins, both from Riga, Latvia, have been arriving steadily at Dror for training and auditing since 2017. Together, they founded LifePower Center Riga in 2018, after translating the LifePower books to Latvian.

LifePower Riga is rapidly expanding – it now has a staff of five, delivering LifePower Courses and auditing to over 40 clients. Both Kaspars and Gatis recently spent time at Dror to further enhance their skills and progress up the Route to Spiritual Freedom. On their last visit, they came with Salvis Spruzs, who recently joined their team as the Academy Supervisor. This frees up Gatis’ time to be a full-time auditor.

It is well-known that communication is the key to pretty much every vital activity in life. Whether it’s handling problems that arise at home with one’s family, or presenting lucrative offers to clients, or even just having a pleasant time with friends – communication is a skill that plays a role in all aspects of life.

Superb communication skills are most dominant in the running of a LifePower Center and having it grow with many new clients and additional staff. We wanted to hear from the person orchestrating this achievement – Kaspars Cveigelis. During Kaspars’ last visit at Dror, Aviv Bershadsky, Dror’s OT Levels Review Auditor, conducted an interview with him about the importance of communication in the executive field. We hope you enjoy the video!

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