Josef Therling Talks to Us

Josef Therling

Josef Therling from Berlin, recently came to visit Dror Center. During his visit, he completed the translation of the LifePower book to German and its preparation for printing.

LifePower Book German
LifePower in German

German is now the fifth language in which the LifePower book is printed (French and Spanish are also in preparation).

Additionally, Josef trained at Dror’s academy as a LifePower Coach, in order to open the LifePower Center in Berlin.

Josef did his first Scientology course at the Berlin Org in 1986. After he studied the Dianetics book, Josef decided that his goal is to help other people with Ron’s Tech. He became a well-known Book One auditor and gave a lot of auditing with great results. Josef wanted to help more, so he joined staff at the Berlin Org as the Public Executive Secretary.

Over the years, Josef found a lot of outpoints in the Church which he tried to correct, including a meeting with International Justice Chief in Los Angeles in 1992. Josef finally left the Church in 2005 and was promptly declared a Suppressive Person.

Josef first came to Dror Center in 2013, after he read the German translation of “Treason Condition Assignment on David Miscavige”. This was translated into German in July 2012 and posted on the “Der Treffpunkt” blog.
(Please note: It the interview, Josef refers to it by mistake as Dror Center’s Doubt Formula.)

The original Treason Condition assignment was published by Dror Center’s team in 4 July, 2012, in English, after they left the Church.

While Josef was here, we conducted an interview with him about his experiences in the Church, his progress on the Bridge and his studies at Dror Center.
We invite you to watch the interview below, subtitles in English are available.
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  1. Thank you Josef – with your skills and strong intention you will do great in Berlin!! Making the Tech of LRH available to new people!!! Thanks again and lots of love!

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