It’s Been Too Long

Dani Lemberger

Dear friends,

It’s been way too long since I last wrote you with an update on what I’m doing and what’s going on at Dror Center. Truth is, I have been extremely busy and there is so much happening in our activities that I just had to delay this mail several times. 
The good news is that I am doing very well and making remarkable progress on my goals, that I believe are shared by many of my friends. What are our goals? To guarantee that the philosophy of Ron Hubbard (aka Scientology) is available to mankind for many more years to come. 
Hubbard and his legacy have been heavily vilified and smeared over the last few years. I think this is mostly due to the crimes committed daily by Miscavige and his gang. Following their attacks on us, Tami and I sued the Church of Scientology Int at the Tel Aviv District Court in November 2014. You can read the complaint here.
We had major wins in court, including forcing the Church to hand over to us the SP Declare they circulated in 2012 among our friends, all false and evil, without ever showing it to us. This lawsuit was finally settled two years ago.
Following this, I dedicated most of my time and resources to the goal of preserving and promoting Hubbard’s Technology for Man’s spiritual betterment: KSW for real! Many of our friends have become disillusioned or disaffected with Ron and the Tech as a result of the abuses they suffered in the Church. However, there is no doubt in my mind that the Tech, in the hands of decent and well-intentioned practitioners, works wonders. I will give you more data about our efforts to ‘revive’ Scientology in my next few mails.
In November 2018, Aviv Bershadsky (my partner at Dror, Senior Auditor and Case Supervisor) and I took some time off. Aviv conducted a lengthy interview with me, spanning almost 40 years of Scientology; from the beginning in San Francisco in 1980, through going up the Bridge at Flag to OT 7 (Tami and I), observation of outpoints at the Church, leaving the Church in 2012 and progress made since then in delivering the full Bridge. To make it easier for the viewer, this video is divided into four sections. In Part A, Aviv asked about my background prior to Scientology, my progress up the Bridge including services at Flag and outpoints I observed initially.
This interview is posted on this blog, administered by Nir Lahav. Nir is a veteran Scientologist, an ex-Sea Org member, a consultant using LRH Management Tech and is doing his OT Levels at Dror Center. I am thankful to Nir for reactivating this blog.

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