Irina Linchuk: Our Guest from Distant Khabarovsk

Irina Linchuk
Irina Linchuk

There is a beautiful though distant city in the ‘far-far east’ of Russia, called Khabarovsk. It is situated on the Amur river, near the Chinese border. Last month, Dror Center had the honor to host someone even more beautiful than her hometown, Irina Linchuk.

Irina is a successful businesswoman, who started Scientology in Moscow in the 1990’s. She did her Scientology Grades in Moscow Org and also trained as an auditor up to Class 5 Graduate.

In 2010, Irina with husband Oleg and the two children joined the Sea Org at Flag because she thought it was the way to make a better world. At Flag, she trained again from Student Hat up to Class V Graduate Auditor and passed the Class 4, Class 5 and Class 5 Graduate Auditor Internships.

Irina soon found, unfortunately, that the inner reality of Flag was very far from what Ron describes in his technical and admin issues, that she had no choice but to leave the Sea Org with her entire family in 2012.

After the rough experience at Flag, Irina’s husband and children refused to even hear about Scientology. Irina herself stopped auditing people because she felt there is no place that she can later refer them to.

Still, Irina stayed in the Church and in 2014 she attested Clear at AOSH UK, Saint Hill. But she wasn’t able to move further on the Bridge as she was programmed to redo her objectives the third time, and she just couldn’t take it any longer. She knew from her experience at Flag, that there is no Standard Tech at Flag and she was desperate about her Bridge progress.

Irina was fortunate to find out about Dror Center and came to visit us last month for two weeks. Here, she started on her OT Preparations. After Irina returned home, Aviv Bershadsky conducted two interviews with her: First, about her recent experience at Dror Center and in the second, Irina told Aviv what she saw at Flag in 2010-2012. Today, we would like to present to you the first interview:

Irina, how did you find out about Dror Center?

What I read on the Dror Friends site caused me no disagreements, as I witnessed all the out-points mentioned on the site myself while I was a Sea Org member at Flag and while I was a public of the Moscow Org. At some point I realized I don’t want to progress in the Church as it has no Standard Technology whatsoever. I witnessed that Flag is the biggest legalized squirrel operation in Scientology.

Finally, I decided to come to Dror to get to know the people who work there closely. I received a warm welcome and I am very satisfied with the services and special treatment that I received at Dror.

What is the difference between auditing at Dror and auditing at Flag?

By the time I came to Flag in 2010, I did all my Grades up to Grade 4 Expanded. As I was recruited to be a Super Power auditor at Flag, I was made to redo my Purification Rundown and Objectives according to the standards of the “Golden Age of Tech, Phase 2”.

As the result of this “standard” Purification Rundown, I was taken by ambulance to a Clearwater Hospital. My hospital bill cost Flag $10,500. I then spent half a year in recovery with a swollen purple eye I couldn’t open.

I was taken off my auditor’s post as my looks didn’t qualify for Flag auditor appearance. Then I was made to redo my Objectives which I felt no need for; just putting ‘V’ on the processes.

After some time, when I originated that I want to leave the S.O., I was taken in session with numerous correction lists. I didn’t feel the auditing was done for me, but rather for the people who didn’t want me to leave. An auditor would do a correction list on me and immediately relay the data obtained in the session to several admin terminals such as the Ethics Officer, the Technical Training Corps In-Charge and the Commodore Messengers Org’s Officers.

They knew my session data immediately after each session and used it to push my buttons so I would stay. I felt I was not getting auditing, but rather some agency collecting data about me to use it against me. What good could it make for me? No good, since bypassed charge wasn’t handled.

Following a few such sessions, I had to intentionally withhold data from my auditor because the auditing wasn’t safe at all. At Flag, whether you are staff or public, your folder can be viewed by any tech or admin person, not only your auditor and C/S as it should be. There is no such a thing as confidentiality.

For me, the difference between auditing at Flag and auditing at Dror is that here the auditing is for my sake, to improve my life. At Flag I was given auditing to benefit the Org. I was treated as a working unit. I was getting just enough support to continue my existence so I can produce.

What are your wins from auditing at Dror?

I had the opportunity to look at situations in my life and discharge them. I am much more comfortable with different things in my life. I have a new viewpoint on people and situations.

As a result, my life is changing. My chronic somatic, a migraine, became less intense and more under control, and I hope it will vanish with further auditing.

My havingness has changed. Money isn’t falling on my head, but my control of energy and money rose and I feel much better about it. I enjoy better communication with others and less worry about it. I have much less uncontrolled upsets. I don’t get upset, I just stay in PT and look at the situation until I handle it to my satisfaction. I am receiving much more appreciation from my business partners.

My husband wants to come with me to Dror for auditing in November this year and my children have come up to strong interest about Scientology! I rehabilitated my desire to help people and I already took two new pre-clears to audit on a short repair program. Overall, I’m very satisfied!

I am glad to hear this. How did you find the atmosphere at Dror?

Oh! This is simply a fairytale! At the beginning of my Scientology journey, when I first read LRH materials, that was how I imagined a Scientology organization should look like. It should provide genuine help to people. Dror is a never-ending dream-come-true. I didn’t want to leave.

The people at Dror are incredible. Total granting of beingness with unlimited ARC. Everybody in great comm and money is never the issue. The atmosphere is very friendly, such an attitude I’ve never met in any Scientology organization.

It’s not only the auditing. When I arrived, I was met at the train station and was warmly welcomed and taken to Dror’s accommodations. Along with other guests of Dror from abroad, I was invited to a restaurant the day after my arrival. Then, once a week on my auditor’s day-off, they arranged guided tours for me and I could travel all over Israel. I got so many bonuses! I really appreciate it. Thank you very much to the entire Dror team!

You are more than welcome, Irina! What would you recommend to our readers?

Ron said, “Look, don’t listen.” You must have your own viewpoint. Just be there and communicate, don’t listen to me or anybody else. Just come to Dror, communicate and form your own opinion.

I personally liked my visit very much and I’m very satisfied. That is why I would recommend to anyone I know to visit Dror, get to know the Dror team and receive services at Dror. Getting to know these people and making friends with them can only do good for your life. I’m happy I joined this group and I’m happy I can engage in the activity of making other people more able and happier.

Irina, thank you very much!

15 thoughts on “Irina Linchuk: Our Guest from Distant Khabarovsk”

    1. Hi Hania,


      Irina actually decided to open a LifePower Center in Khabarovsk. She already found 4 pcs to audit and she is in comm with two trained supervisors in order to open a courseroom. So we will probably be seeing more people from this distant location soon:)



  1. Wonderful write up lovely to read your success and thanks for sharing the photo’s / ARC Hadley Uk formerly Capt Bill’s communicator in Ron’s Org

    1. Thank you very much Silvia!

      I’ve heard you did a great job of translating the LifePower book into Spanish. It is very appreciated. Well done!!!



  2. Proud to be part of this group.Very theta.I see these miracles of standard tech here on a daily basis.Love u guys,Nir.

    1. Thank you very much, Nir.

      You and Pavel contributed a lot to the expansion of our group recently and we are very grateful for that!



  3. Excellent wins! Happy for her!
    I really get the warm sensation of Theta!
    Keep those wins coming!

  4. Tami Lemberger

    Thanks Irina! It was fun to have you here with us. When Dani and I came back to Israel in1992, after two years of intensive training, we had the vision to open a Scnientology Center that provides not only highly skilled technical services but also in a friendly ARC- full environment. When we left the church in 2012 – I think we became even freer to fulfill these purposes. Continue to audit others – this is incredible!! You are an amazing being!❤️

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