Interview with Alex Shur

Last week we posted Alex Shur’s video success story from completing the L 11 Rundown.Today we would like to present to you in-depth interview with Alex where he shares his 18 years long experience in Scientology, both inside the Church and outside of it, in the independent field.

Enjoy Watching.

Best Regards, Eitan

5 thoughts on “Interview with Alex Shur”

  1. What a journey!!! Thank you Alex for sharing your experiences and wins! I love to walk the road to spiritual freedom with you!
    Much love

  2. Thank you Alex for all you say and sharing your experiences with us.
    You have incredible insight, so your words are truly valuable.
    I personally enjoy having you as a friend and partner on the long route to spiritual freedom.
    Your support of Dror Center for over 20 years is highly appreciated!

  3. Alex, thank you for your sincere and warm words. It is always pleasant to have you around with your calm flow and wisdom. Enjoy your journey as an auditor and thank you for your support.

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