Here it is: The Lemberger Lawsuit

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In our recent post, “The Lembergers vs. the Church of Scientology”, we promised that we will publish the lawsuit documents as soon as we lay our hands on them. Not only did we obtain the complaint, but we also got the translation of it, courtesy of the Forum for Justice in Israel.

The lawsuit was submitted to the Tel-Aviv District Court on November 2nd 2014. It is 18 pages long and has 80 additional pages of appendices. Below is the translation of the lawsuit complaint, the appendices follow. The appendices are not translated but most of them are originally in English.

Lemberger vs. Church of Scientology

appendices 1-3

appendices 4-13

2 thoughts on “Here it is: The Lemberger Lawsuit”

  1. Very well done Dani and Tami !!!

    I am of the believe that the more Scientologists coming forward suing the CofS for obvious violations of Human Rights , the more attention will be attracted to them enough that the governments of many countries will have no choice but to launch a full scale investigation into the CofS as an institution.

    Sometimes the temple has to be tore down so it can be rebuilt with the proper foundations. This is one of the cases where this applies 100%. That’s enough abuses, families destroyed, violations of human rights, incredible dishonesty to parishioners, suppression of free speech and the right to our own minds and opinions. Enough is enough.

    If enough Scientologists would unite, all of those whose rights were grossly and viciously violated, and decided to file a class action suit, I assure you that governments (specially USA, which has been deaf about it) would initiate a very far reaching inquiry into all these violations.

    Fellow Scientologists, follow the example of these great Leaders, Tami and Dani, and let’s get the show on the road and handle once and for all the problem called DM and his SPs followers. We don’t even need to win the suits, we only need to make enough noise. Big, huge noise. The rest will follow.


  2. Hello Peter,
    I am humbled by your words. Truth is, we are a great group, not “great leaders.”
    At Dror Center, and around the world, many are now joining hands and supporting each other in creating a Scientology that is free and in use for the benefit of Mankind. This is exactly what Ron envisioned. Sadly, DM betaryed him and hijacked the Tech for his own greed.
    We are starting fresh, working together for a Cleared Planet.
    Thank you for your help, Dani

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