Happy Birthday-To-You Dani

On Saturday, 29th May 2021, we gathered to celebrate the 69th birthday of Dani Lemberger, Dror Center’s Managing Partner.
Dani’s family, Dror Center’s staff, and many of our public joined to wish the big boy health, success, and prolonged creativity on his pet project – writing the LifePower books.

The guests joined forces and brought a little something to eat, creating a rich and colorful buffet, leaving no one hungry.
On top of that, Aviv Bershadsky demonstrated his expertise on the barbecue to satisfy the carnivores.
But there was also grilled tofu for the vegans.

Danny Mizrahi was our D.J. and had us jumping to a delightful playlist while Maya Soref stunned us with her Simone Biles-like gymnastics.

Safe to say, the guests were blasted away!

Dani posing with the delicious tiramisu cake that Tami prepared.
From left: Aviv, Dani and Vika.
Aviv Bershadsky, Dani Lemberger with grandkids Aimee and Benno.
Dani’s mother, Ruth and sister-in-law Debbie.
From left: Tami, Dani, son-in-law Dan, daughter Carmel, and shy grandson Benno.
Our construction manager Abed Sandakli, Benno, Dani and Aimee.
Our friends eating, talking and having a fun time.

The celebrations weren’t limited to our courtyard. Members of our extended family from abroad wished Dani a happy birthday all the way from Novi Sad, Serbia:

11 thoughts on “Happy Birthday-To-You Dani”

    1. Dani Lemberger

      Hi Steve, good to hear from you and thanks for the wishes.
      We’re still waiting for your visit, Dani

    1. Dani Lemberger

      Hey Kasps,
      Thank you for the long partnership and support.
      I’m so happy you had a good time with Dima in Serbia.
      Hope we see each other soon, in Haifa or Riga.
      Love to all our friends, Dani

  1. Eifeltower is waving to you …
    Bon anniversaire Dani from France !
    Have a nice powerful and sweet coming year..Dani, the artist of life.
    Looking forward to your next creations..

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