Graduation Party at Dror Center – May 2015

Graduation Party 2015

On 15 May 2015, Dror Center held its traditional Shavuot party, the Jewish Pentecost. Members of AFSI, the Association of Free Scientologists Israel, were happy to participate.

Shavuot commemorates the giving of the Bible to the people of Israel when they fled from slavery in Egypt. This holiday later evolved into a celebration of spring and presentation of the first and most beautiful agricultural products.

For many years, Dror Center had held a Graduation Party at Shavuot. Scientologists, their friends and family gather and have a good time. Recent graduates are presented, given their certificates and share their wins. At this year’s celebration, about 100 people enjoyed the unique atmosphere, the excellent food and the performance of “Expressia Show”.

Many of Dror’s recent graduates are Scientologists from all over Europe who are disappointed with the Church and have found their new home at Dror. European public come to Dror where they can quickly move up the bridge, on their way to spiritual freedom. Dror Center has now become an international advanced organization, delivering the full Bridge.

The success of Dror Center, Don Schaul’s booming activity in Tel Aviv and the other activities that are opening in Israel, demonstrate that Scientology is working and can make a change in one’s environment. Our thanks to everyone who participated and to Dror’s staff for their hospitality. We salute the dozens of enthusiastic Scientologists who are moving up the Bridge.

For those who could not attend the party, it was filmed and is shown on AFSI’s Hebrew site in full. For our English speaking friends, we present translated highlights from the party:



Here are some pictures from the party:

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  1. What a pleasure to look this marvelous fiesta and all this products!! I am very happy to be there in a few days!!
    Greetings from Berlin

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