Executive Freedom:
Who’s It For?

Executive Freedom English Book V1

Executive Freedom is the sixth book published in the LifePower library. In September 2021, Dani Lemberger gave Aviv Bershadsky an interview about this book. For viewers’ convenience, we divided it into three sections and added subtitles.

On 29.10.2021, we posted the first section of the interview, in which Dani presents a brief overview of LifePower and introduces Executive Freedom.

On 12.11.2021, we posted the second part of the interview. Here Dani tells us about his education, his personal experience as a manager, and the ideas that stand behind Executive Freedom.

Today, we publish the third and last Section of the interview – a detailed description of the book and the benefits its readers will derive from it. Exec Freedom highlights Hubbard’s major discoveries in the fields of Management Tech, building an organization, Ethics Tech, the hardships one encounters as an executive, and invaluable tips for successful handling of the Third Dynamic – Groups.

Dani Lemberger began writing the LifePower books in 2016, when it became apparent that Ron Hubbard’s philosophy is in jeopardy. Dani realized that action must be taken urgently to preserve and promote Hubbard’s Technology for future generations. Two years ago, Dani recorded a talk where he explains his purpose in writing the LifePower books. In the LifePower Library you can now find these books:

LifePower English Book

LifePower: Achieving Power in All Realms of Life – Hubbard’s core principles regarding life, the spirit, and the human mind. The book teaches Recall and Clearing Processes and sets one on the Route to Clear.

Complete Communication Guide V2

The Complete Communication Manual – presents the full theory of ARC, the Communication Formula and the Communication Drills, TR’s 0-4.

The Story of C&I: Theory and Practice of Control and Intention

The Story of C & I: Theory and Practice of Control and Intention – includes Hubbard’s discoveries about control, postulates, determinism, and intention. Then, it teaches the Control & Intention Drills, Upper Indoc TR’s, 6-9.

Study Essentials Book

Study Essentials – This book contains the vital points of Hubbard’s brilliant Study Tech. It teaches how to overcome the barriers to study, how to clear misunderstood words and become a study genius.

Each book has a course checksheet to study and drill the Tech in LifePower’s Academies operating in several languages. At LP Centers, hundreds of people are going up Hubbard’s Bridge to Spiritual Freedom.

The interview with Dani has been published in these three sections:
Section One – 7 minutes – Dror Center’s Stats and a brief overview of LifePower.
This section was posted on 29 October 2021.
Section Two – 17 minutes – Dani’s background, education, and experience as a manager.
This section was posted on 12 November 2021.
Section Three – 14 minutes – This final section includes a detailed description of Executive Freedom.
We publish it today with subtitles. Enjoy!

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