Duncan Hales: Moving UP the Bridge from Flag to Dror

Duncan Hales

Duncan Hales was born in New Zealand, where he grew up on a farm. At the age of 25, Duncan moved to Seattle, USA, to study chiropractic at Palmer University, with the aim of healing people with ethical medicine.

At the same time he completed his chiropractic studies, Duncan was introduced to Scientology by a friend. With a strong desire to gain knowledge and understanding of life, Duncan trained as a Class 4 Auditor in Los Angeles. He also completed most of the Hubbard Saint Hill Special Briefing Course, Class 6, and moved on to other courses including: Key to Life Course and the Philadelphia Doctorate Course.

Duncan advanced on the Bridge up to completion of Solo NOTs, O.T. 7, at Flag. In 2001, he spent six months at Flag on the Solo NOTs Auditor Course, later returning every half year for the six-months checks until he completed O.T. 7 in 2011. During the 10 years on Flag lines, Duncan was exposed to the extent of the Church’s distortion of the technology, and to the way the organization forces itself on the public and extorts money for wrong purposes. Duncan refused to go to the Freewinds to do OT 8, instead, he decided to leave the Church.

Duncan tells us that when he left the Church in 2011, he was deep in debt of around Pounds Sterling 200,000, which he is still paying to this day.

After leaving the Church, Duncan researched independent Scientology centers, since he wanted to continue progressing on the Bridge. He first came to Dror Center in 2017 and continues to visit Dror every three months for auditing and training as an auditor.

In November 2018, Duncan completed L11 and shared with us his achievements in the attached success story and in this video.

While on his last visit to Dror, in March 2019, Aviv Bershadsky interviewed Duncan about his life, progress on the Bridge in the Church, the decision to leave the Church and his achievements at Dror Center in the past two years. The interview is about 23 minutes

10 thoughts on “Duncan Hales: Moving UP the Bridge from Flag to Dror”

  1. I am so very glad that Duncan has been able to leave the criminal organization he was at and join a group that has an honest purpose to help him and others to improve his life.

    Very well done for Dror Center and I hope many more follow Duncan’s steps.

    Thanks for sharing his wins and changes.

  2. I haven’t heard the interview yet but will do so when I have time later today. I am happy Duncan got out of the church. I knew him in the 80’s when I was a chiro patient of his. We were both on OT VII at the same time. I’d like an email address so I can congratulate him in person.

  3. Congratulated Duncan and DROR with this achievement.
    I like the interview and its all the same stories what we had in the official church. But we do it now standard instead of the squirrels.
    Thanks boys.

  4. George Marshall

    Very well done Duncan…I think we worked on 7 together a long time ago…I became an SP in 2012 an have never looked back…I connected up with a few very good field auditors in 2013 . they audited at flag.. .I’ve pretty much done the whole grade chart plus the flag only rundowns,,plus most of super power..Also the L’s…They were done by Trey Lotz in L.A. Ca. maybe five years ago….I’m glad to see your still above ground an still on the Bridge..Me too….I’ll never stop getting auditing…. George Marshall georgemarsone@yahoo.com 818 720 7798…

    1. Dani Lemberger

      Hello George, thank you for commenting and supporting our blog. Would love to see you here some day, I’m sure you will like our place. Regards, Dani

  5. Very well done Duncan.

    The man from down under who didnt like soup.

    your always welcome to the land of OZ and we will knock you up a Vegemite sandwich.

    All the best for the future.

    Go Freezone ANZO.


    Kevin Tanner

  6. Dr Glenda Nelson Mejia Foy

    Hi Duncan
    I had thought you had continued your career in Chiropractic.
    It was great to see your video, hear your voice and see you.
    You were a fantastic rugby player for Palmer College.

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