Celebrating Passover: Freedom Holiday

The Jewish people, in Israel and around the world, celebrate Passover this week, the Freedom Holiday when the Hebrew tribe exited slavery in Egypt to freedom in the Promised Land. In this tradition, we celebrate a week of record releases on the Bridge to Spiritual Freedom.

This week Dror Center had a record crop of completions across the Bridge, from the Comm Course to the OT Levels and the fabulous L 10 Rundown.

Dror Center made its exit to Freedom in 2012. Following this we collected all of Ron Hubbard’s materials to ensure that the Bridge to Spiritual Freedom will be accessible to all. Dror Center now delivers the entire Bridge, the O.T. Levels and the L Rundowns, yet the emphasis remains on auditor training.

People from around the world come to Dror to progress on the Bridge. This week, the number of completions reached a record high:

  • Anna Jelinkova, OT 3;
  • Yulia Filchenko, Life Repair Auditor Course;
  • Don Schaul, Solo Auditor Course;
  • Alon Bilya, Effective Communication Course;
  • Dima Dubinin, Advanced Level, OT 1;
  • Aviv Bershadsky, L 10 Rundown.

We invite you to view the video below. For English subtitles, please click the subtitles button on the YouTube bottom bar:

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    1. Yes, the future of Hubbard’s philosophy depends entirely on the training of new, young auditors. We’re doing it, not enough, but it’s happening. All are invited to join the ranks and acquire the most rewarding profession.

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