Dima Dubinin Steps Toward Full OT

Dima Dubinin arrived at Dror center in 1996 and soon decided to join staff. Since then, he did extensive training, previously under the Church in Tel Aviv and Tampa, Florida Orgs, and later under the supervision of the professional highly trained C/Ses and Auditors at Dror Center.

At Dror, Dima has many hats: Grad. 5 Auditor, Director of Training and Purification Rundown I/C and C/S. Despite the many hats he has, Dima is constantly moving up the Bridge toward full OT like all Dror’s staff. In July 2019, he completed OT 2 and now has just completed his OT 3.

We invite you to watch Dima telling his wins. Please let us have your comments.

8 thoughts on “Dima Dubinin Steps Toward Full OT”

  1. Well Done Dima!
    Always exciting for me to see the auditors and staff of Dror Center moving up the Bridge.
    My gratitude to our Tech team for the fantastic results, never-failing while making it possible for every person to reach OT!
    And our admiration to Ron for his discoveries and making Spiritual Freedom a reality. Love, Dani

  2. Dear Dima – you are a true jewel!
    Let’s continue together our journey up to Spiritual Freedom!
    Much love,

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