Dima Dubinin in Serbia – the Trilogy

Dima Dubinin, Dror’s veteran auditor, is currently on his third visit to Novi Sad, Serbia, where he is auditing and training Angelika Novozhilova, Igor Kalinin, Sandra Drevins and Gatis Drevins. Angelika and Igor live in Novi Sad where they are hosting Dima. Sandra and Gatis drove all the way from Riga, Latvia, to meet Dima in Novi Sad.

On 9 October and 16 October 2020, we posted two articles covering Dima’s last visit to Serbia. While Dima was in Novi Sad in September 2020, he audited Angelika all the way up to Grade 4 – Ability Release. He also started Angelika on her Solo Auditor Course – Part One.

On this same visit, Dima also took Igor Kalinin to the State of Clear!

When Dima recently arrived in Novi Sad for his third visit, he immediately opened a ‘Mini-Academy’ to continue Angelika’s Solo Auditor Course.

Gatis and Sandra drilling Angelika on her Meter Drills:

Dima audited Sandra Drevins on her Life Repair program with great wins. Here is Sandra’s success story:

“I have two significant achievements from my Life Repair Auditing. I had many difficulties with my son, Rojs. I felt that everything with him is very difficult. After giving birth to Rojs, my husband and I became like distant friends.

“Now, things have changed for the better. I don’t feel like my son annoys me anymore, I can accept whatever happens! I no longer have a feeling that something bad will happen.

“I now feel closer to my husband and our relationship became much warmer. I solved all these things.”

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