Declaration of the Declared

Making History

On this very day, 28th June, seven years ago, in 2012, Dror Center was declared suppressive and expelled from the Church of Scientology, CoS. This was the first time in Scientology history that a whole mission left the CoS to continue practicing Scientology independently.
Twenty years earlier, in 1992, Dror was founded by Tami and Dani Lemberger as the Scientology Mission of Haifa, Israel.

On 28th June, 2012, Tami and Dani Lemberger, Dror Center’s Senior C/S and Managing Partner, landed at Tampa Airport after spending a week with Marty Rathbun at his home in Texas. Marty was then the greatest enemy of David Miscavige, boss of the CoS, and his house was under constant surveillance by Miscavige’s private investigators. Tami and Dani were spotted with Marty and their SP Declare was promptly issued on 23 June 2012.

When they landed at Tampa Airport on 28 June at 6 pm, they were approached by an RTC inspector who gave them a letter stating they were declared on 23 June; the SP Declare itself was never given to them.

When Tami and Dani arrived an hour later at the home of their close friends, Vered and Elan Barram, the Barram’s told them that OSA Flag showed them just an hour earlier their SP Declare. The phone at the Barram home kept ringing with OSA on the line, demanding that the Barram’s kick Tami and Dani out. Late at night, the Lemberger’s checked into a Clearwater hotel. Dani talks about the Barram family and Elan’s parents in a recent post.

While they were still in Clearwater, OSA in Israel swooped on the staff and public of Dror, in an attempt to get them all to leave Dror, desert the ‘squirrelly’ Lemberger’s and stick to the Church. Of about 50 staff and public at the time, 40 stayed in Dror, while about 10 left Dror and remained with the Church.

Upon their return to Israel, on 4th July 2012, Dani published a letter to all Scientologists and a Treason Condition Assignment on David Miscavige for destroying Scientology. This was posted on 11th July, 2012.

Immediately, the CoS began harassing and attacking Dror, hoping to crush it and force it to shut down and cease its activity. Luckily for all who care about Scientology and are loyal to Ron Hubbard, this campaign failed miserably.

The Lemberger’s filed a lawsuit against the CoS at the Tel Aviv District Court on 2 November 2014, detailing the illegal activities of the CoS. A major complaint was libel, since the CoS spread the SP Declare, full of false accusations and shocking lies, but never gave the Lemberger’s a copy! This, in violation of LRH policy and the law.

The lawsuit was settled by compromise in March 2017. A major achievement was forcing the CoS to submit to the court the SP Declare issued on 23 June 2012. Finally, the Lembeger’s knew what they were accused of. The SP Declare became a public document and was published on 20 September 2016, exposing the ridiculous falsehoods it contained.

The above links make for a lot of reading, yet we think it is a fascinating documentation of the conduct of the CoS and its boss. It also proves that evil and insanity can be shattered by confronting it. Dror Center is now thriving, prosperous and steadily expanding. Dror now delivers the full Bridge including all OT Levels and the fantastic L Rundowns while its Academy trains many auditors.

Ron says that in the face of Suppression one should, “Flourish and Prosper”. Dror is a proof that this can be done, witness the booming LifePower project and over 100 public on lines, many arriving from around the world.

We thank our friends and public for their support and friendship over many years, especially the last exciting seven years!  

15 thoughts on “Declaration of the Declared”

  1. The road to OT means for me “… constant alertness and willingness to fight back”… = confront and handle. More confront and more handle and more confront and more handle. This is the game! Enjoy your weekend!

  2. And big thanks to my friends who are walking this Road to Freedom. This road cannot be walked alone, and it is much more fun together!:)

  3. Very happy to see Dror doing so well. What a great group of people.

    I was declared in 2012 for the crime of admitting that I believed Debbie Cook more than I believed DM. Since then I have made great progress in the field, the kind of progress that would not have been possible in the church.

    Wish I lived closer to all you folks at Dror, I would certainly love to participate in all the good fun! Thanks for all you do! …??‍♂️

  4. Friends of Dror

    Our friend Tasha sent us this comment:
    Congratulations! Very impressive! Wish you all the best!
    ARC, Tasha

  5. cfir winehouse

    Tami and Dani , Dror is one of the best major things that happened in my life!
    I am so happy we are together and I would recommend everyone, especially
    managers like me to join the Dror Center!

  6. Courage could best be summed up in: one, being willing to cause something,and two, going ahead to achieve the effect one has postulated against any and all odds. There doesn’t happen to be any such thing as failure. There just doesn’t happen to be any such thing.

    But of course, you all want to agree there’s such a thing as failure so that you can have a reason to fail so you won’t have to be cause. That’s another thing. But there isn’t any reason to fail. There’s no excuse for any failure that ever occured anyplace in history, except this: There was just not quite enough carry-through and push-through.

    You can mark the high tide of any empire or of any army in any period in the history of homo sapiens, and you’ll find out somebody, someplace on that track was deficient in guts. and when he was, he lost the whole track. There isn’t even such as a thing as ” carrying on too long in one direction toward the postulated effect.’ There isn’t even that. There isn’t even such a thing as “there are too many odds.” That doesn’t even exist. There isn’t such a thing as saying, “Well, what I postulated was unreasonable and therefore I have to abandon that goal now because it was unreasonable” and so forth.

    LRH – Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) 13 Dec 1952 PDC

  7. Thanks Dani and Tami for this mail!!
    It helps the people around and Iam doing also fine in Suriname with Scn.
    My group is growing and very soon we have the first Clear in suriname.
    ml, adriaan

  8. Wow, this was some adventure.
    Without the push and the support of Dani and Tami it would have been much much harder and perhaps even impossible.
    It is so good to be out of the dark side of the church and in the free world applying Ron’s philosophy.

  9. First and foremost I would like to thank Tami and Dani because without them the continuity of Scientology for me would have stopped following what we went through in 2012.

    I’m so glad we made this move to true freedom! It was so right. Today we are flourishing and truly thriving !!

    I love my team and I enjoy being part of a large, sane, expanding and prosperous group !!!

  10. Excellent! Well done! From someone who’s still in good standing with COS aka Church Of Sacrilege run by DM (Diseased Mind), the mighty minion. I’ve been watching you guys with great interest and postulates for those applying true LRH to achieve great success!
    They don’t have a clue who I am either!
    People can fail, SP’s can restimulate (the only power an SP has) but Scientology NEVER FAILS when applied 100% per LRH!
    Keep up the great work DROR! There are plenty of us in America rooting for you!
    Thank you for safe guarding and impinging with 100% Standard Tech!
    Thank you for Keeping LRH Working! KLW!
    Love you all!

  11. I thank you Dror Center for giving me the opportunity to cross the bridge and become a better person with in all dynamics. Luckily for us the church has failed to crush us. Thank you all

  12. Same as KSW only without the S!

    Keep LRH Working!

    Keep DROR Working


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