An Interview With Dani Lemberger -Part A

Dani Lemberger
Dani Lemberger

Dror Friends is happy to present Part A of an interview conducted by Aviv Bershadsky with Dani Lemberger in November 2018.

This interview is almost two hours long. For your convenience we divided it into four parts.

In part A, Dani talks about his life prior to Scientology, getting on the Bridge in San Francisco in 1980, his progress in auditing and training doing Solo NOTs at Flag and first observation of outpoints in the Church.

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00:35 Hi Dani, please introduce yourself to our viewers.

00:50 Tell me please about your background before Scientology.

01:59 What main jobs did you hold prior to Scientology?

02:50 What is your current Case and Training level?

03:41 Please tell me what is your training level.

04:10 You came into Scientology in the Eighties, right?

04:18 How was Scientology back then?

05:12 So you were in the mission in San Francisco,

05:15 how was the Org in San Francisco doing back then?

06:14 Retrospectively, do you think that the Mission model was more successful

06:21 for Scientology than the organization model?

06:56 So, you had two happy years in San Francisco?

07:02 And then, where did you get your next services?

07:38 When did you start to notice outpoints in the Church of Scientology?

09:47 All these things were already back then?

11:37 About outpoints that you noticed, did you try to do something about them?

13:48 Ok, so when did you start to notice outpoints?

18:04 Did you try to do something about it?

18:07 Use your lines, write KRs, report things?

21:22 So let’s talk a little bit about plus points.

21:23 Were you happy about your services at Flag, Auditing?

23:44 Regarding Flag, when did things start to go wrong?

8 thoughts on “An Interview With Dani Lemberger -Part A”

  1. George Marshall

    Hi all…You are so right about auditing…If it’s done correctly,,,It’s amazing the results and they are long lasting……REGARDLESS of present conditions,,,I still believe the tech will save this world…..

    1. Thanks George, thank you for responding. Yes, we’re getting great results with auditing and Dror Center is bustling with activity. We now do all OT Levels and the L Rundowns, so busier than ever. Do well, regards, Dani

  2. Hi Dani.

    Thankyou for sharing your experiences.Awesome!!!

    Another fellow who didnt like soup and your not even Australian.


    Kevin Tanner


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