Dani Lemberger in L.A., Section Three

In Oct 2017, Tami and Dani Lemberger were in Los Angeles, hosted by Grace and Ken Aaron. On Oct. 25th, the Aaron’s invited many of their friends to meet with Tami and Dani. Dani told the story of Dror Center, their departure from the Church in 2012, the ensuing legal battle and, finally, the story behind the LifePower book.

Dani’s talk of approximately two hours was recorded yet we never published it. We recently found the recording in our archives and now present it. We divided it into four sections, each covering a particular subject.

We believe that Dani’s lecture would be of interest to all who care about Hubbard’s philosophy and its practice outside the stranglehold of the Church of Scientology. The four sections of the lecture are:

Section 1, posted on January, 17, 2020: 15 minutes long. Tami and Dani starting to do Scientology in 1980 and their progress up the Bridge to OT 7. Opening of Dror Center in 1992, its development until the decision to leave the Church in 2012 and expansion since.

Section 2, posted on February, 7, 20: 24 minutes long. The lawsuit of the Lemberger’s against the Church of Scientology Int. The causes for the suit and final settlement in February 2017.

Section 3: 28 minutes long. What brought Dani to the decision to write the LifePower book. A brief description of the book, which at the time of the lecture was a draft named, The Route to Spiritual Freedom.

Section 4: 19 minutes long. Questions and Answers. The audience asked many questions of Dani and was highly active throughout Dani’s talk.

Today, we post Section 3:
After Dror Center became independent in 2012, it began delivering all of Hubbard’s Bridge, including the OT Levels, L Rundowns and auditor training.
The partners at Dror soon realized that we, the loyal followers of Hubbard, are missing literature to introduce Ron’s Tech to the broad public, designed for today’s global marketplace.
The goal established was to provide books and courses that are 100% Standard Tech, yet any person can easily read, understand and apply with great wins. Further, that people who study the new books will then reach for the higher levels of the Bridge.
In this section of the lecture, Dani describes briefly the LifePower book and the steps required to become a LifePower Coach. At the time of the lecture, the book was still a draft given a temporary name, ‘The Route to Spiritual Freedom’. Following the publication of the LP Book in September 2018, Dani wrote three more books. For details, kindly see the LP website.
This section is 28 minutes long. For your convenience, we have added English subtitles. We hope you enjoy watching and welcome any comments or questions you may have.

Please note: In June 2019, we also published a talk Dani recorded about his experiences with Ron’s philosophy and what led him to develop the LifePower project.

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