Dani in L.A., Section Two

In Oct 2017, Tami and Dani Lemberger were in Los Angeles, hosted by Grace and Ken Aaron. On Oct. 25th, the Aaron’s invited many of their friends to meet with Tami and Dani. Dani told the story of Dror Center, their departure from the Church in 2012, the ensuing legal battle and, finally, the story behind the LifePower book.

Dani’s talk was recorded, in total almost two hours, but was never published. We recently found it in our archives and now present it, edited and divided into four sections, each discussing a particular subject.

Dani’s lecture would be important to those who find interest in Hubbard’s philosophy and its free application outside the stranglehold of the Church of Scientology. The four sections of the lecture are:

Section 1, posted on January, 17, 2020: 15 minutes long. Tami and Dani starting to do Scientology in 1980 and their progress up the Bridge to OT 7. Opening of Dror Center in 1992, its development until the decision to leave the Church in 2012 and expansion since.

Section 2, posted today: 24 minutes long. The lawsuit of the Lemberger’s against the Church of Scientology Int. The causes for the suit and final settlement in February 2017.

Section 3: 28 minutes long. What brought Dani to the decision to write the LifePower book. A brief description of the book, which at the time of the lecture was a draft named, The Route to Spiritual Freedom.

Section 4: 19 minutes long. Questions and Answers. The audience asked many questions of Dani and was highly active throughout Dani’s talk.

Today we present Section 2:
In June 2012, Tami and Dani Lemberger and the Dror Center Mission, in Haifa, Israel, departed the Church of Scientology following the Suppressive Person Declare of Tami and Dani. They were declared after meeting with Marty Rathbun in Texas.

The SP declare was never given to Tami and Dani (T & D), in violation of Hubbard’s policy. However, it was shown to hundreds of Scientologists around the world, forcing them to disconnect from T & D and anyone who remains in contact with them. Many friends who read the SP Declare told T & D about it and sure enough, it was full of shocking lies.

Dror Center continued to deliver the Bridge independently and immediately expanded its services to all the OT Levels, while its Academy began training auditors, with many new people arriving at Dror from Europe. Seeing the success of Dror and the threat to its monopoly, the C of S launched a brutal attack against Dror, taking any means, legal or illegal, to disrupt the activity and cause it to shut down.

In November 2014, T & D filed a lawsuit at the Tel Aviv District Court against the Church of Scientology International (CSI) and the Tel Aviv Org. This featured prominently in Israeli media and websites covering Scientology around the world. By court order, the CSI was forced to give T & D the SP Declare, so they could see what was said about them. Further, the CSI was obliged to send its top executives from the U.S. to stand in court in February 2017. These were: Marc Yager, Jenny Linson and U.S. attorneys Monique Yingling, Eric Lieberman and Bill Walsh. This, in addition to Tel Aviv Org execs and five Israeli lawyers from the firm Yehuda Raveh and Associates. The lawsuit was settled shortly afterwards in an out-of-court agreement between T & D and the CSI.

In the video you’ll find below, recorded in L.A., Oct 2017, Dani describes the lawsuit, the court proceedings and the final settlement. Enjoy!

For more information about the lawsuit and the SP Declare, kindly see the following links:

1. Letter by Dani Lemberger upon leaving the Church in July 2012;

2. Tami and Dani with Marty Rathbun, June 2012;

3. The lawsuit against the CSI, November 2013;

4. The lawsuit covered in Israel’s leading newspaper;

5. Tami and Dani on Israeli television;

6. The SP Declare which the court obliged CSI to submit to T & D;

7. Marty Rathbun’s assistance to the Church, on Ortega’s site.

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  1. When dealing with the DM and the COS, it is best to get a lawyer that has experience with dealing with them,and has won before.

    Because, as I am sure that I do not have to tell anyone on this comm line that DM and the COS and their lawyers are the most crooked and corrupt bunch on the planet.

    They get their advice from snakes.

    From what I heard, is that Frank Gerbode won against DM and the COS, and won a good sum.

    It would be best to get the lawyer or lawyers from that case, or any other case, that won against the them.

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