Corona, Corona, Corona..

Dear friend, this is Aviv Bershadsky, an Auditor and C/S at Dror Center. In these uneasy times, I would like to offer you some stable data that I hope will be of help to you.

Please note that I am not a medical doctor and that nothing in this e-mail goes against any directives issued by the governments of our planet. I just want to express my opinion on the current situation with the Corona virus.

Axiom of Scientology 40 reads as follows: “Any problem, to be a problem, must contain a lie. If it were truth, it would unmock. An ‘unsolvable problem’ would have the greatest persistence. It would also contain the greatest number of altered facts. To make a problem, one must introduce Alter-isness”.

Before I present the facts that have been altered, as I see it, let us read some stable data from LRH.

“That the spirit can be saved. And that the spirit alone may save or heal the body” (The Creed of the Church of Scientology, 1954).

“There are two stable data which anyone has to have, understand and KNOW ARE TRUE in order to obtain results in handling the person connected to suppressives.
These data are:
1. That all illness in greater or lesser degree and all foul-ups stem directly and only from a PTS condition (PTS stands for Potential Trouble Source, a person who is under suppression. – A. B.).
2. That getting rid of the condition requires three basic actions: A. Discover. B. Handle or disconnect”.
(HCOB 10 august 73, PTS HANDLING)
I highly recommend you read the entire bulletin to get the full concept.

If diseases were caused solely by microbes and viruses, my wife, who has been working as a nurse over twenty years, would have died a long time ago, and me also. Our space was filled with such microbes and viruses that the Corona virus itself would get scared away.

Now let us go over the alterations.

The first illogic of the situation is that most media only cover one disease. They broadcast the information on the disease on television, radio networks and social media 24/7. Scientology Logic 8 reads, “A datum can be evaluated only by a datum of comparable magnitude”. Currently, there are diseases that we are all aware of, and the fatal outcome associated with them is no lower. This year alone, over the past three months, we have had the following death rate:

3,259,044 people died of contagious diseases;
2,061,855 people died of cancer;
422,030 people died of HIV/AIDS;
122,057 people died of seasonal flu.

Obviously nobody is interested in these diseases, because this is old news and it would not create such a panic or raise such a concern. Who benefits from the panic? Let us read what LRH wrote about it in the book, ‘New Slant on Life’.

“These disturbing elements are the Merchants of Chaos. They deal in confusion and upset. Their daily bread is made by creating chaos. If chaos were to lessen, so would their incomes.

“The politician, the reporter, the psychiatrist with his electric shock machine, the drug manufacturer, the militarist and arms manufacturer, the police and the undertaker, to name the leaders of the list, fatten only upon ‘the dangerous environment’. Even individuals and family members can be Merchants of Chaos.

“It is to their interest to make the environment seem as threatening as possible, for only then can they profit. Their incomes, force, and power rise in direct ratio to the amount of threat they can inject into the surroundings of the people. With that threat they can extort revenue, appropriations, heightened circulations and recompense without question. These are the Merchants of Chaos. If they did not generate it and buy and sell it, they would, they suppose, be poor.”

To illustrate this quote, I would like to use the 2009-2010 swine influenza as an example. Below are several excerpts from the article, Swine Influenza, in Wikipedia: (

“In January 2010, Wolfgang Wodarg, a German deputy who trained as a physician and now chairs the health committee at the Council of Europe, claimed major firms had organized a ‘campaign of panic’ to put pressure on the World Health Organization (WHO) to declare a ‘false pandemic’ to sell vaccines. Wodarg said the WHO’s ‘false pandemic’ flu campaign is ‘one of the greatest medicine scandals of the century’. He said that the ‘false pandemic’ campaign began in May 2009, in Mexico City, when a hundred or so ‘normal’ reported influenza cases were declared to be the beginning of a threatening new pandemic, although he said there was little scientific evidence for it. Nevertheless, he argued that the WHO, “in cooperation with some big pharmaceutical companies and their scientists, re-defined pandemics”, removing the statement that “an enormous amount of people have contracted the illness or died” from its existing definition and replacing it by stating simply that, “there has to be a virus, spreading beyond borders and to which people have no immunity”.

“On 12 April 2010, Keiji Fukuda, the WHO’s top influenza expert, stated that the system leading to the declaration of a pandemic led to confusion about H1N1 circulating around the world and he expressed concern that there was a failure to communicate in regard to uncertainties about the new virus, which turned out to be not as deadly as feared.”

“In June 2010, Fiona Godlee, editor-in-chief of the BMJ, published an editorial which criticized the WHO, saying that an investigation had disclosed that some of the experts advising WHO on the pandemic had financial ties with drug companies which were producing antivirals and vaccines.”

Second illogic lies in the action taken to fight the Corona virus. Countries shut off their borders, closed workplaces and places of recreation. People are advised to keep the minimum distance between one another or just stay at home. The psychological damage, emotional distress and economic costs associated with such measures are fully neglected. However, the actions taken may devastate many people’s lives.

By the way, the Church of Scientology never fails to surprise me, and this time it has come down to complete materialism. All recommendations posted on their website are limited to body, that is using soap to wash hands, not to hug and not to kiss… Here is one of these:

Oh my god…

Third, very few mass media talk about boosting the immune system and the factors that may depress it in the first place. They only talk of medicine, vaccines and isolation. Nobody ever talks about healthy nutrition, vitamins and sport, not to mention stress or suppression.

Enough of this sad stuff…

What can we do about all this?

First, let us apply the tools to handle the dangerous environment that we all know and that can be found in the ‘Solutions for Dangerous Environment’ section of the Scientology Handbook. You can read the article “Ways to Lessen the Threat” by clicking this link.

And the most important thing of all! The datum that I started with, “That the spirit can be saved. And that the spirit alone may save or heal the body” (The Creed of the Church of Scientology, 1954). You should go in session immediately! Rehabilitate yourself as a spiritual being. Get rid of the reactive mind. Get rid of suppression. Flourish and prosper!

I wish you health and happiness! Aviv

40 thoughts on “Corona, Corona, Corona..”

  1. Great article Aviv.
    Also research the effects of 5G on the body!! Causes cell damage. Can’t be seen, can’t be traced. same result on people with weakened immune systems!
    Will send it on!!
    Best wishes,


  2. Dear Aviv, thank you for spreading stable and true data about actual situation in the world.
    I agree with all you have wrote to us.

  3. Thanks Aviv, I am using this also in my area, you wrote it all nicely up and I will forward these data.
    On top of this we use extra vitamine C to make the immuun system strong enough. The main thing in this “promotion ” of corona that they hide the worldwide crisis,economical. and their unability to handle their own country.
    ml, Adriaan

  4. Thanks Aviv. I agree with you. Very good data, good LRH references, good viewpoint. What you wrote helped stop my sliding into agreement with the general stupidity going around. I’d love to hear more of your viewpoints, particularly about what you recommend to do. Also other opinions you have on this, more LRH references. Maybe even weekly emails. I’m pushing to audit myself more and listen to more LRH.

    1. Aviv Bershadsky

      I am very glad, Arthur! Great idea to keep on auditing.
      I see what I can do about additional data.
      ML, Aviv

  5. Thank you Aviv!!! These are the most sane, and probably the only sane comments I have heard so far. Fantastic.
    Thank you so much for your very wise words and getting us back to LRH’s SP tech on this subject of the virus. I agree wholeheartedly.

  6. Hi Aviv,
    Many thanks for this analysis, where I fully agree.
    The key point is to make the public accept the actual situation as normal. Medias are used to create confusion and focus mind on what they want. Today is this compensated by people alerting through intelligent posts and this is a way to have a comparable data package.
    Now to accept situation, here is the data. This flu is not killing more people than other deseases, but bring people quiecker to the hospital, and that overwhelm hospitals and is the key factor of panic following by the reactions’ chain. Because of that fact, and the histery about death, you can create a big curtain and move political economical business parts for next supression system.
    Yes like any world high randomity situation, some tries to make business of it, regardless to the ethic, pushing the markab model further.
    Many thanks for your work and the good you dispense.
    ARC to all

    1. Aviv Bershadsky

      Hi Mathias,
      You are more than welcome!
      Thank you for your input. I agree, we need to do all in our power to change the situation for better.
      ML, Aviv

  7. Hi Aviv,
    Long time did not speak with you ?
    Thanks for your email – very usefull data.
    Take a care and have a nice day.

  8. Thanks for your commonsense comments on the coronavirus panic. Especially the reference to Logic 8, the need for a datum of comparable magnitude. The actual impact of the new virus will only be certain when it is compared to other respiratory viruses and overall death rates.

  9. Hello to all. I wanted to share something with you regarding our little .06-.14 micron diameter, out ethics particle known as SARS CoV-2.

    For those who have not read the OEC Vol 0 PL, YOUR POST AND LIFE, here’s some green on white in plain ole’ black and white…

    “If one knows the Tech of how to do something and can do it, and uses it, [one] cannot be the adverse effect of it.”
    L Ron Hubbard

    Now take a few moments to look up Ruslan Medzhitoz, a professor at Yale University. He and a team of colleagues studied the effects of fasting on infections. The study revealed something unexpected and yet directly applicable to the current PTP.

    YaleCampus has provided a simplified video presentation that summarizes what was discovered. It can be found at:

    In Scn terms, the key to CoVid is not avoidance, but rather confront. Spot the prior confusion in the generalization “Eat a healthy balanced diet.” Look closely right there. The Yale study has possibly discovered the specific tool needed to handle CoV as well as the why behind those with certain conditions (high blood sugar/high blood psi[diabetes], age, etc..) are in a disadvantaged game position.

    No need to go all body-centric about diet and nutrition, simply skip the refined industrial sugar and partake in natural carbs and fiber. Consider Precept 1 of The Way To Happiness, Take Care of Yourself …and of course Clean Hands Makes A Happy Life.

    – paul dugas

  10. Aviv Bershadsky

    Hi Paul,

    I totally agree with you. My family hasn’t consumed any sugar for the last 15 years. I personally do intermittent fasting with great results.

    Thank you for your input.

    ML, Aviv

  11. Hana Esentierova

    Hi Avive, this is fantastic and thank you for the reminder. It speaks to me from the bottom of my heart. In addition, you gave me an understanding of the situation with my daughter (chaos traders) as a bonus :).

    ML Hanka

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