Congrats… Ronit & Yossi Are Back

Ronit Yossi Charny
Ronit Yossi Charny
We are pleased to welcome Ronit & Yossi Charny to the fold. They have now officially joined the group of Scientologists who are loyal to Ron Hubbard, intent on delivering Standard Tech, who disseminate Scientology and who are still naïve to believe we may yet “Clear the Planet” one day.

Their letter of resignation from the C of S appeared on Mike Rinder’s blog a few weeks ago. The full letter is also posted here for your ease. We believe their letter has three key messages:
A. It announces their resignation from the Church and their joining of the bourgeoning number of “Indie Scientologists”. They’re Israelis, so we instantly adopted them as honorary members of AFSI;
B. Ronit announces she is now back auditing, delivering the full Bridge in Portland, Oregon. WOW!!! What news! We know Ronit will be flooded with activity. The Charny’s are creating a new group, Higher Spiritual Abilities. Please visit their new Facebook page.
C. Most dramatic, Ronit and Yossi reveal more of the insides of Flag, “The Dreadliest Place on the Planet”. We have heard so much of the horrors of Miscavige’s operations, yet shudder anew with each fresh testimony. Both Yossi & Ronit were eyewitnesses, having served in senior positions at the Flag Advanced Org. They tell it like it is, and their message, in brief, is, Flag is dangerous.
We, the editors of this blog, have allowed ourselves the liberty of highlighting a few excerpts from the Charny’s letter, choosing what we feel is most relevant to Scientologists around the world. We’ve conducted some research and have interviewed Dani & Tami Lemberger, old-time friends of the Charny’s, for some clarifications and pictures.
Ronit, Yossi & Tami, Portland, Oregon 2013
Ronit, Yossi & Tami, Portland, Oregon 2013
Tami & Ronit, Oregon, 2013
Tami & Ronit, Oregon, 2013
Here are key sections of the Charny’s letter with our comments in [square parentheses]:

Dear Friends,

We have some great news to announce: Ronit is back in the chair auditing again!

Surprising? Probably not, however, very exciting!

Ronit became an auditor the early 90’s and always had the purpose to help mankind go free, using LRH Tech.

Ronit cognited that Scientology technology works from the get-go, when she first found out about it early in 1985. Her appetite for more knowledge and tech grew as she advanced on the Bridge first through Processing and then Training. With each progress the desire to become a full time auditor and help others go free became stronger and stronger.

Yossi started his Scientology route in San Francisco in the end of 1980. He instantly cognited the Tech works doing the TRs as part of the Comm Course. Within 3 years he went Clear and through OT IV. He loved the training and became a NED Auditor and did Admin training as well. In the late 1980’s Yossi went to Flag and completed all three L’s and in 1992-1993 did OT V, OT VI and got on OT VII. All along he was on lines at local Org’s and did the Ethics Specialist Course and the Data Series Evaluator Course. Later on he was awarded as one of the top Flag FSM’s.”

[AFSI: Yossi began his way at the San Francisco Mission in 1980, where he joined his two close friends, Tami & Dani Lemberger. Here are pic’s of Yossi, Tami & Dani from those days. Yossi’s first auditor was Tami, who audited Yossi on NED while she did the NED Internship at the SF Org.]

Yossi, Tami and Dani in San Francisco, 1980
Yossi and Tami in San Francisco, 1980. Please note a ciggarete in Tami's hand.
Yossi and Tami in San Francisco, 1980. Please note a cigarette in Tami’s hand.

In 1997 we moved to Clearwater, Fl, to go up the Bridge: Ronit from OT IV to get onto OT VII and to do The Saint Hill Special Briefing Course (SHSBC) and Yossi to continue on OT VII and more auditor training, including the Flag Pro Metering Course and Yossi also started the SHSBC. By the end of 1997, Ronit was auditing at home on Solo NOTs, finished the Flag Professional Metering Course and was on the SHSBC.

[AFSI: The Charny’s skip a few years that they lived in New Jersey, prior to moving to CW. In NJ they were again neighbors of the Lemberger’s. It is here that Ari & Adam Charny and Adam Lemberger were born. Here are some pic’s of those days:]

The Charny’s visiting with the Lemberger’s in Boston, Mass, August 1986. Carmeli is 5 months old.
Tami, Dani & Yossi with Carmeli in Boston, Mass, August 1986.
Carmeli Lemberger is two years old! Yossi with Tami and Dani celebrating in their home, Fair Lawn, NJ
Carmeli Lemberger is two years old! Yossi with Tami and Dani celebrating in their home, Fair Lawn, NJ, 1988.

Life was good, but not challenging enough, since the “bug” to be a full time auditor in the Sea Organization (SO) just grew with each win and gain. Desperately desiring to fulfill that purpose, Ronit signed again and this time activated the Sea Org contract in March of 2000. Within a few months, she completed the entire training lineup with flying colors and under checksheet time and became a Class IX Auditor at the Flag AO. It was a dream come true! Ronit was truly on purpose helping LRH.

With great professionalism, knowledge and dedication Ronit quickly became one of the top auditors at the Flag AO, and was hand-selected by RTC to audit celebrities, VIPs and senior executives of the Sea Org. Ronit was one of 5 auditors, out of 80 Class IX auditors at Flag, to get trained by Senior C/S Int to deliver the Solo NOTs E/P Check.

[AFSI: An “E/P Checker” is one of the few, select, Class IX’s who verifies that a person has completed Solo NOTs (known in the Church as ‘OT 7’). More data on the OT Levels and the alterations made by the Church, see here.]

There was also expansion on the second dynamic. In 2003, Yossi joined the SO and became a Solo NOTs D of P (supervising about 400 Solo NOTs auditors in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Israel and several VIPs). Our children were close by and all seemed ideal.

However, major outpoints were observed. Yossi will name a few from the Solo HGC, at the Flag AO.

1. Enormous stats push every Thursday before 2 PM. Example:  A senior Exec walks into the Solo NOTs C/S office and demands the folder of a ‘new arrival’ to be programmed immediately for a few questions. The random urgency would not occur on a usual basis, except it was the Advanced Tech VSD Stat, which is RTC’s statistic. The public was a new arrival and had only 1 hour left to complete his intensive. He went in session and thus was counted as an Arrival Stat and the hour was spent in session, thus the entire intensive was counted as Advanced Tech VSD Stat.

[AFSI: Lots of terms here that need clarification, for those who were not on Flag lines. RTC Inspectors were actively running the Flag C/S’s and D of P’s. RTC’s stat at Flag is “Advanced Tech Value of Service Delivered (VSD)”, i.e., the number of intensives of auditing fully delivered. An intensive is 12.5 hours of auditing. If a person has received 12 hours on an intensive, the stat could not yet be counted, so RTC would force the C/S to invent some more questions, so an additional 30 minutes are used up and now the intensive can be counted as delivered and the is person regg’ed for another intensive. This extortion repeated itself time and again with not only money wasted, but worse, with much suffering to the person being invalidated and overrun on wrong actions.]

2. I personally observed fist fights on several occasions between the Solo NOTs C/S and a Flag senior executive, in complete violation of HCOB Ivory Tower and all that LRH has taught us.

3. Ordering ALL Solo NOTs D of P’s to be on rice and beans, for at least a week, meaning, all you can eat that week is rice and beans, no other food is allowed. Also, “Pigs’ Berthing” where you sleep on the floor with your clothes in the most dirty room you could imagine. It was a punishment for not getting enough arrivals into the AO. This happened several times.

4. Staying up till 3-4 AM, working 20 hours a day, to sell lectures and the Basics Books to meet unreal quota. If the unreal quota was not made, no one could go home. That was a routine that occurred with every major release. In case you personally met the quota, but the group didn’t, you still had to stay to help the group make the quota. This, again, in violation of LRH Flag Order (FO) regarding sleep and rest for staff in the SO and the punishing of upstats.

Here are some other outpoints, Ronit observed on her post as a Class IX auditor at the Flag AO:

1. Thursday’s morning stats push. Habitually, on Thursday morning, RTC ran the production in the HGC, bypassing the regular lines, and forcing auditors to go back in session to complete the intensive hours with no regards if the Pre OT was on a win or not, so that the Advanced Tech VSD Stat could be counted. If the Pre OT finished his 6 months check or his program before the intensive was complete, the RTC Inspector would storm into the C/S office ordering the C/S to add more to the program, or add Security Check questions so the VSD target could be met. Actually, not caring for the Pre OT case at all, but ripping the Pre OT off, and wasting hours and intensives.

[AFSI: This is a similar point to that made earlier by Yossi. RTC stat is “Completed Intensives” meaning 12.5 hours of auditing fully delivered. If the person used 11 hours, RTC forced him to receive 1.5 additional hours, to use up the intensive. This is not only financial rip-off, but worse, the person receiving auditing actions he does not need.

Dani spent years at Flag on Solo NOTs. He recalls several instances when he was told after session that his auditor made an error and the F/N noted was incorrect. Dani was forced back in session to “re-check” a few more questions. This resulted in upsets, no confidence in the auditor and doubts that the Tech at Flag works. Later he realized this was done only to waste another hour of an intensive, so it is counted for stats.]

2. A Tech Page in the Flag AO, while being on post, was physically assaulted by a Senior HCO staff member, which caused him to fall down.

3. In 2005, the entire MAA Staff at the Flag AO, was ordered to do a “boot camp” (disciplinary action to “stiffen” their discipline, so they would be “unreasonable” and tough with the AO Public pre-OTs). Several of them were minors, under 18.  For weeks and weeks with no end, they were kept on rice and beans and “Pigs’ Berthing”. They were sleeping 3 – 4 hours a night, going on post at 7 am and after work, at night, they were made to do some physical work. They were not allowed to talk to any other staff, even to family members at the SO.  There is no LRH reference on “boot camp”, or such disciplinary program, and it was basically a “slave making machine”.

4. On several occasions I saw the new Captain FSO, [AFSI: Captain of the Flag Service Org, who replaced Debbie Cook, Harvey Jacques] get physical with the Deputy Captain of Arrivals for the Flag AO [AFSI: Clive Rabey], by shoving him to the wall. Usually, this happened regarding some low stats issue. Later on, the Deputy Captain of Arrivals did the same physical abuse on his junior, the Tech Sec of the Flag AO. Then the Flag AO Tech Sec screamed out of his lungs, verbally abused and invalidated the Director of Tech Services, the D of P, or the Solo I/C. It winded down to the Tech Pages, those dedicated teenagers, who are at the bottom of the Org Board, who know nothing about having wins or gains from the Tech, but mere invalidations from their abused senior. The “Contagion of Aberration” spiraling down the command chain was a routine at the Flag AO.

5. The downfall of Flag started around 2004, when a new post was introduced: “The Ethics and Image MAA’s”! Having hardly any Bridge of their own, they were trained with one purpose in mind, to bring the staff members down tone by using threats, unusual punishments, invalidation and intimidation. LRH says in one of the definitions of “Invalidation” – “How invalidated can one get? Dead!” and that’s what they were doing.

Ronit has observed on many occasions that RTC personnel decided on their own personal feelings, or on orders from higher level executives, if someone, public or staff, was approved to complete an OT level, or get onto the next OT Level. This was done as an arbitrary and without following LRH Tech on the requirements for completion of an OT Level which must be done only on an individual basis. To give only a few instances:

1. When a Senior Flag Exec completed Solo NOTs, (I was her auditor at that time) I heard an RTC Inspector saying in a very emotional angry manner, that she would personally see to it that this Exec would never be okayed to go to the ship to do her OTVIII. No technical reason was given, just HE&R.

2. A Pre OT of mine, who was on the lineup to complete Solo NOTs, could not complete because she was wearing mostly black clothes. The person has achieved all technical requirements to complete OT VII and that order was arbitrary. Ironically, in 2007, RTC uniform was all black.

[AFSI: This is most probably Karen Kalman who usually wears black dresses. Karen’s husband, Ari Kalman, was also forced to receive auditing as a requirement for Karen to complete Solo NOTs. Tami was Ari’s auditor in Israel. Despite all this abuse and gross out-Tech, Karen remains a servile minion of the church.]

3. Another Pre OT could not complete Solo NOTs, because she was overweight. Again the person had the necessary Tech requirements to complete Solo NOTs. Arbitrary!

4. Another Pre OT of mine that I audited, came to complete Solo NOTs after having all technical requirements. She could not complete, per RTC, because her husband was not supportive of COB’s Ideal Org strategies. All that was done, in this matter, and in other similar instances, was to waste the Pre-OT’s intensives with a Security Check, until the person had to leave Flag due to lack of additional funds.

[AFSI: This, we believe, is the case of Tami Lemberger and her husband, Dani. Tami was at Flag in 2008, called there to complete Solo NOTs. She had been on the level 15 (yes, fifteen) years! Tami progressed well on the E/P Check with Ronit Charny as her auditor.  (The “E/P Check” is auditing steps done to ensure that the End Phenomena of Solo NOTs have been achieved.) Tami tells us that the E/P Check went well and she was close to completion. Suddenly, her E/P check was stopped and she was taken to Ethics for a month of rough handling. Tami was told that her husband, Dani, is an enemy of the Church and that she is PTS to him. Dani was an enemy because he was in disagreement with COB and was “disaffected”. Tami was told that she needed to disconnect from Dani, meaning divorce him, as the only way she could complete Solo NOTs, go on to OT 8 and guarantee her “eternity”. We know of several other similar cases.]

5. Another Pre OT came to complete Solo NOTs but was not approved by RTC to complete just because his daughter inquired COB “wrongly”…. There was no LRH reference given, and again, he had achieved the technical requirements to complete Solo NOTs. The Pre-OT was sent home not given the true reason, but was instructed to continue with Solo NOTs, which put him on a constant spin.

[AFSI: From data that appeared in the media and on websites, we think this refers to the father of Leah Remini. Leah reportedly questioned Miscavige about his missing wife, Shelly Miscavige, when she attended Tom Cruise’s wedding to Katie Holmes in 2006. See here for this story.]

I can write a book describing the crimes that occurred on the delivery of the Solo NOTs E/P Check. I was there for about 8 years.

While at the Flag AO, Ronit observed that many good, dedicated staff were disappearing or dying. “Someone actively getting rid of the best staff members” is an indicator of an SP, per LRH references. A few examples that occurred in 2007-2008:

1. Sometime in 2007, I learned that the Captain FSO left staff with her husband. She was a great Captain, loved and admired for her leadership by staff and public alike through her 17 year career as Captain FSO.

[AFSI: Clearly referring here to Debbie Cook and her husband Wayne Baumgarten. In case you have not done so yet, read here Debbie’s letter and much more of her dramatic story on many websites.]

2. Later, one of the Top Tech terminals on the planet, Senior C/S FSO, was suddenly dying from cancer. A couple of years later he passed away at an early age.

[AFSI: Talking about Richard Reiss, of course. Next person mentioned is his wife, Cala Reiss, also a Class XII. Is she still alive? Ronit forgets to mention another Class XII, Alain Kartuzinsky, D/Senior C/S at Flag, who died three years ago of cancer at a young age, after years of abuse and humiliation at Miscavige’s hands.]

3. The Deputy Senior C/S for Flag AO, got also sick with cancer and was sent away for treatment out of the base.

[AFSI: Probably Cala Reiss.]

4. Another Class IX auditor of the Flag AO, who audited many of the top celebrities, also blew from her post and later on routed out of staff.

[AFSI: Probably referring to Therese Bloom with whom Tami had many long conversations before Tami left the Church. Therese described to Tami terrible scenes at Flag but was afraid to make public statements and leave.]

5. Several other valuable veteran Class IX auditors left staff.

[AFSI: One of many notable examples is our good friend, Silvia Llorens. Silvia, like Ronit, was a senior Class IX auditor but also one of the few AO Cramming Officers. Tami and Dani knew her well from Flag. When Dror Center announced their resignation from the Church, Silvia was one of the first people to contact them, congratulate them on their action, and then announce herself her decision. Silvia later went back to becoming an active auditor, after several years of holding a ‘regular’ job. Silvia, like Ronit, described the horrors of Flag, see here. Silvia spent a month at Dror Center, assisting them in establishing their AO, see here.

A few more names of reputable Flag Class IX’s who’ve fled come to mind, including: Gary Webber, who was also a Class IX auditor aboard the Freewinds; Therese Oliva-Bloom, a Flag AO E/P Checker, past close friend of Ronit’s and Tami’s; Luic, past husband of Atalya Ophir, daughter of famous Israeli comedian, Shayke Ophir; Ellen Prager, best-looking Solo NOTs C/S, we think she is now hiding in LA; Bruce Glushakow, Flag Solo NOTs C/S, ex-husband of Class XII Anne Quinnel, close friend of Tami’s].

Throughout the years in the SO, we observed many examples of the harsh regging by Flag Land Base staff. To name a few:

1. An OT VII, Class VIII field auditor was regged by three public AO MAAs for $22,000 in order to get out of lower conditions. He was threatened by the MAA’s his IHELP license would not be renewed if he doesn’t pay. That was a very “popular” way to get out of lower conditions, by buying the way out.

2. Using session data, like a pc on a win, to reg the public. The session data was communicated to seniors and they forwarded it to MAA’s or to the registrars. At one instance the AO Tech Sec was screaming out of his lungs at a public to get a donation from him. Every Flag staff member became a reg whether for IAS, Ideal Org, Basics books for libraries or other campaigns.

[AFSI: Tami tells us she has had one of these too. Her father, Yuval, an active and contributing Scientologist, passed away in November 2011. Tami went to Flag in December 2012 for some auditing to help her handle the loss. Her auditor was Irit Pillo, who did a great job and Tami was very happy with the results. Remember, the Tech works! According to Flag routine, Tami was then summoned to the IAS office. Tami, over the previous few years, had refused to donate to the IAS and was still not a Patron. Five IAS reg’es sat with Tami three hours to get her to pay the remaining $30,000 for her Patron status. Tami, how brave of her, refused! Suddenly, Charmaine Lourie, toppest of the top IAS reg’es, bursts in and yells at Tami, “Your father just died! You inherited a lot of money! Give us the Patron money now!” Tami was shocked as only her auditor and C/S knew that Yuval had passed away. Just like Ronit describes, at Flag, there’s no Auditor’s Code, it’s all about the money.]

3. At times, if the Pre-OT’s did not agree with the donation, the Execs or MAA’s asked the C/S’s to add a few more Sec Check questions.

The Charny’s left the Sea Org in December of 2008.

This is our story. Hundreds of Reports and KRs were written regarding the above examples with no correction or response and the conclusion we came to was not easy or lighthearted. Scientology saved our lives and this was due to great Tech delivered. We were able to differentiate between the Technology of Scientology and the Church of Scientology.

We, Ronit and Yossi, decided not to be part of The Church of Scientology, a group that violates LRH Tech and Policy, who physically and mentally abuses their staff, force arbitrary rules on the public through threats and punishment: separation, disconnection, freedom of speech or association.

LRH’s definition of the Price of Freedom: “Constant alertness, constant willingness to fight back…” is what led to our decision.

LRH taught us to think for ourselves, how not to become slaves to group decisions or arbitraries. We wish that you execute your own due diligence and come to your own conclusions after learning all the facts.

Our decision is to continue to forward LRH’s vision, to deliver Standard Tech to pc’s around the world who seek freedom through auditing, without obstruction, executive interference, suppression and arbitrary policies.

For the last year, Ronit has been delivering standard auditing, but this time with no interruptions, stops, arbitraries or suppression from the Church, with wonderful gains and wins for her pc’s.

Ronit is delivering the entire spectrum of Dianetics and Scientology processing, from raw pc’s to Clear and all the way up to the highest levels available. In addition, Ronit delivers The Ethics and Justice Repair List and The Cause Resurgence Rundown. Some of you might think leaving the Church would close the door to your spiritual freedom. This is not true; there are plenty of standard auditors available in the field.

We have established a group and named it “Higher Spiritual Abilities”. Our doors are open for you at all times. We will keep you up-to-date with future announcements.

There were many more successes and happy faces over the last year. We want to thank all of our public, those of you who held our hand throughout this process and those who accompanied us from the beginning of our journey in Scientology to this day. Those were very exciting days and we couldn’t have done it by ourselves. However, after 30 years, times have changed and now we are moving in a different direction from the Church, but forwarding LRH Tech and Policy.

Best Wishes,

Ronit and Yossi Charny

Yossi E-Mail:

Ronit E-Mail:

Below are some comments posted by AFSI members on Mike Rinder’s blog, in response to the publication of the Charny’s letter:

Hemi Benvenisti:

Ronit and Yossi,
Welcome back to freedom, Welcome back to the light of day!! welcome back to life!!!
It will keep getting better! Well done for your courage to make this step!!
You have now taken a major step to reduce and fight the abuses and crimes you mention.
And when you can do something about it, as we know, it can no longer suppress you!
Enjoy fully your new operation, beingnesses and FREEDOM!!

With love,


Ady Schaul:

כל הכבוד ,באמת הגיע הזמן כשלפחות עכשיו תוכלו לקבל את הרמות המתקדמות כמו שנכתבו במקור

Well done! Finally the time has come that you can at least do the Advanced levels as originally written.

Carmela Weizman:

Ronit and Yossi very well Done!!! I am so proud of you. It’s great to have you on our side. Carmela Weizman, Dror Center, Haifa

Aviv Bershadsky:

Ronit and Yossi,

Very well done for making this brave step. Thank you for bringing the truth out. I’m glad that we have such great people with us.

Dani Lemberger:

Dear Ronit & Yossi,

Thank you so much for sharing with us what you know and what you have seen. You make it clear that Scientology and the “Church of Scientology” are contradictory terms. That there is no Scientology in the “Church”, that pretty soon all Scientologists will be those “declared” by DM, that he is nearing his last days as the only person who is always right.

You make it clear that Flag, under DM, has become a dangerous place. That these days, Scientology Tech, as developed by LRH, is only available outside the church.

At Dror Center we are enjoying affluence and ever stronger reaches from around the globe of those seeking Standard Tech and friendship and care. Yossi & Ronit, you are assured of success since you have such an abundance of these attributes.

The path to spiritual freedom can only be traveled by proud individuals, assisted by selfless guides. Thank you for your courage, our continued support is assured.

Tami, Dani & your friends at Dror

Dani Lemberger added a comment to Mike Rinder’s opening paragraph:


Thank you for making this vital post. Allow me to differ with you on one point. In the first sentence of your intro to the Charny’s letter, you say:

“For readers of this blog who have decided scientology is not for them, this posting will be of no or very limited interest.”

It is my belief that a person who seeks to understand life and has been exposed to Scientology will “decide Scn is not for them”, only if he’s had no results or has been severely abused. This has become the norm at DM’s church. The Tech has been warped by a sick pervert beyond recognition. The few good souls still inside, like Ronit until 2009, have been subjugated so as to serve him in further enslaving others and extorting them.

It is tragic to see that those who have escaped the clutches of Miscavige are terrified by the subject itself. I am witness to this on a daily basis. “Betrayal after Trust” dramatized over and over.

Those who will still give a chance to free auditors, such as Ronit and many others, will again enjoy relief, wins and spiritual gains.

Mike Rinder responded to Dani’s comment:

  • Dani — there are a lot of people who read this blog who have never been and have no intention of becoming scientologists. This posting is virtually impossible for them to read due to the nomenclature. I was not addressing so much those who were scientologists and are now no longer, but those who never have been. Even so, there are a lot of those who have left the church who have decided that scientology is not for them and they would disagree with your assessment of the situation. This argument has gone back and forth on this blog, and no doubt will continue to do so. One side says “you need scientology applied correctly to sort out your disagreements with scientology” and the other side says “you are still stuck in the bubble thinking you have the answers to everything and scientology is just a scam.”

    Fascinating to watch both sides put forth their arguments. The problem with the “scientologist” side of it is that you have to be a scientologist to agree with it. So it falls on understandably deaf ears. The problem with the other side of the argument is that it negates anything good about scientology, so falls on understandably deaf ears.

    • Dani Lemberger says:

      Mike, thank you for responding to my comment. It demonstarates, again, your wisdom and caring. I got what you said, we can further debate this next time we meet, Dani

6 thoughts on “Congrats… Ronit & Yossi Are Back”

  1. Tammi & Dani,

    The clarifications of Ronit and Yossi’s report were excellent and accurate – amplifying their first hand description of events and incidents. I was there in the Flag AO at the same time, auditing away for years, witnessing the oppression of the auditors and staff, coping with the non-LRH mind set of the ruling caste (RTC & CMO). In all my years of auditing others, starting in 1972 in missions, Orgs, CCLA, ASHO, Freewinds I had never seen or experienced such direct verbal psychotic assaults on auditors as I observed in the Flag AO auditor admin spaces in 2006 – 2007. Capt. FSO (Harvey Jaques) and the RTC MAA (Ty Webb) standing side by side screaming at the tops of the lungs at the auditors, their faces red and purple, invalidating the auditors, Jaques using the F word at us about every 5th word, in a psychotic diatribe that we weren’t in session (getting the Advance Tech VSD up – so more money could be sent to Miscavige. True). Actually, I’d never seen screaming psychosis like that anywhere else on Earth – nowhere, by anyone. It was so viciously evil, I started to get out of my chair and head for Webb to take him out (I’m trained in that regard) but one of the FSO auditors grabbed my arm and said under her breath “Follow me” and picked up our pc’s folders and led me out of the area before mayhem could commence. It wasn’t an isolated incident – it was routine handling of auditors in the Flag AO. I can attest.

  2. Tami, Dani and Members of AFSI,

    Those pictures brings back great wonderful memories, but also solidifies the friendship between The Lembergers and The Charnys for many more years to come. On a personal note very touching, but also continuing as an expanded group with similar goals is very rewarding.

    Thank you very much for your warm welcome to the “Club” of Independence. It’s very pleasing to know that the words spoken in our letter are read by so many. We also appreciate the clarifications done by Danny and the AFSI are spot on and what was obvious to us, needed to be clarified to others who never been to Flag.
    I just want to correct the term Advanced Tech VSD (Valuable Service Delivered). It was written RTC counts the amount of completed intensives. It’s actually the $value of the full intensive delivered for OT Levels or the L’s. For example, if an intensive the public paid was $8000 and that public completed two intensives, then the Advanced VSD Tech Stat would be $16,000. If the full intensive of 12.5 hours is not delivered, the $value can’t be counted. Flag makes weekly payments to RTC based on that statistic.
    I was very happy to see a thriving field in Haifa on my last visit to Israel and the great reception the entire Dror Center extended to me. The future is very bright, knowing you are there.

    Ronit & Yossi

  3. Richard Kaminski

    Brilliant write-up, thank you, Ronit and Yossi. Wishing you great success and a happy future.
    Love, Richard Kaminski UK

    1. Dear Richard,

      Thank you for your kind wishes. It’s great to receive good words from people you never met, because it unites our thoughts wherever you are.
      Warm Regards,

  4. All very interesting…I’m an old OT3. Class 6….I was at flag in the early 80’s when ” the shit hit the fan.”. Was in Aretz for the milchemet Sheshet hayamim. Please put me on your mailing list. Toda Raba.

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