Motti Morell Commends Tami Lemberger

Tami Lemberger
Here is a commendation we received from Motti Morell:


Tami Lemberger, auditor

Aug. 6th 2014

In life, a person has to find himself a good teacher, a good doctor and a good auditor.

Since 1978 I’ve had tons of auditing from quite a few auditors in Class V Orgs, AO’s, SH and in the field. Some auditing was good, some bad, some so-so.

The auditing I received from Tami Lemberger is the finest I’ve ever received, by a long shot.

While in the Church, my stable datum was that even the best auditing required frequent correction lists to smooth out glitches and errors. Correction lists were an inseparable part of all my auditing.

But with Tami, there is no such thing. Every session ends with a dial-wide F/N or a Floating T/A. I never needed a correction list.

Tami’s TR’s are natural and flowing, never robotic. Her ARC is so warm and boundless, it easily dissolves any ridge. Her application of Standard Tech is flawless and effortless. The sessions are short – never more than an hour, often much shorter. And yours truly floats out of the room with VVVVVGI’s every time.

The only problem is, that too often, a persistent F/N prevents me from receiving further auditing for days.

No wonder that while in the Church, Tami received the planet-wide “Auditor of the Year” Golden Lion award not once, but twice.

And now, out of the Church, in the independent field, she continues her tradition of excellence of 100% standard original LRH Tech with her PCs.

Tami, Ron would be proud of you!


Motti Morell

6 thoughts on “Motti Morell Commends Tami Lemberger”

  1. Excellent job Tami and Motti! It’s so wonderful to see the beautiful wins that are so normal when real Scientology is applied with love. Best wishes with your future progress and if you need a correction list sometime…..who cares!

  2. Very Well Done Tami!
    I was Tami’s PC well in the beginning of our Scientology carrier back in 1981.I totally duplicate Moti’s experience. She delivered my first metered Dinetic session. It was life changing. The natural ARC combined with great TR’s produced an amazing product which I cherish till today.
    Continue to make people happy!!!
    With Love,

  3. Here is a comment we received from Ronit Charny by e-mail:
    VWD to Tami! You are the BEST!!!!!! Your care and ARC in delivering standard LRH tech is spectacular!!!
    Keep on the good job! You are an exemplary auditor and what LRH wanted to ever achieve in auditors!
    I love you more and more every day!
    Hugs and kisses to you, Dani and Dror Team!
    Much Much Love,

  4. And here is another comment received by e-mail:

    well tami congratulations for being such a good auditor and a very nice and charming woman too!!!

    best wishes for you all
    Cova from spain

  5. This comment was received by e-mail from Greta Alexander:

    Ah, wonderful! What a GREAT commendation indeed!
    I got my ‘auditor of the year’ award as well, it is a bit long ago. …at CCI in I believe 1988.
    That is really what it is all about, that wonderful theta you spread Tami!
    ML Greta

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