Celebrating Triple Expansion

In October 2019, the three groups using the LifePower books in Israel got together for a four-day conference held at the Movenpick Hotel in Aqaba, Jordan. We enjoyed great lectures, an exciting trip to Wadi Rum and strengthened the connections within our groups.

At the conference, we attended lectures delivered by Don Schaul, Nir Lahav, Pavel Shahar, Dani Lemberger and Eyal Tzoref. The lectures focused on Hubbard’s Management Technology with an emphasis on how to apply it to one’s dynamics. All forty participants were highly enthusiastic and enjoyed many wins.

Nir Lahav, at the start of his lecture, introduced the new LP Business booklet, “Basic Principles for Successful Management”. This booklet is now available in Hebrew as a course delivered at Dror Center and at Clearing Center. The English version will be ready soon.

The lectures in Aqaba covered the following subjects:

Don Schaul: How to build your personal Admin Scale.

Pavel Shachar: Applying the Conditions Formulas to all your activities.

Eyal Tzoref: Using the Organizing Board in your business and personal life.

Nir Lahav: Achieving Power in life.

Dani Lemberger: Finding the ‘Why’ and a personal note on its application.

Following the two days of lectures, we all went on a fantastic trip to Wadi Rum, led by Audah Hassanat, a good friend of our group and a highly experienced guide to Jordan.

Over the next few weeks, we will post key sections of the five lectures.

5 thoughts on “Celebrating Triple Expansion”

  1. I’m so happy to hear that you enjoy your trip I’m sorry that I wasn’t there .keep on doing great job all of us together we make history available for everybody who wants to learn life power

  2. Wow – we had fun!!! Thanks to Nir, Don, Pavel, Eyal and Dani for their lectures. Every time I learn something new! Great to have such holidays! To get to know more people in Israel who are interested in Ron’s Tech!

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