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Improving Communication with LifePower

Dear friends,
Three years ago Dani Lemberger founded the LifePower project to introduce Ron Hubbard’s knowledge to the public. There’s no doubt that the project creates a strong effect, as evident by the increasing demand of the LifePower books and by the new public joining the academies at Dror Center, Haifa and at Clearing Center, Tel-Aviv.

Happy New Year and Let’s Help the World Communicate!

Happy New Year, Dear Friend! Here is Eitan Baitner.  I wish you lots of success, joy and happiness this coming year!

Ever since Dror Center was established by Tami and Dani Lemberger in 1992, our most successful action with new public was the Communication Course, based on Ron Hubbard’s TRs 0-4. The TRs offer immediate results, which motivate the students to take their first step on the Bridge.

Presenting: The Personal Integrity Program

Aviv Bershadsky

Dear Friend,

Here is Aviv Bershadsky, Dror Center’s AO Auditor and Case Supervisor. 

If you ever received services at the Church of Scientology, especially the OT Levels, you most probably had to do “Lower Conditions” as part of your Eligibility or on an “Ethics Handling”. If this is the case, you can relate to the pain which I suffered when I did mine.

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