Success OT Levels

Carmela Does OT3!

Carmela just attested to completion of OT 3!
Carmela first heard about Scientology in 1994, when visiting her sister-in-law, Vivi Cohen, in London. Vivi was then the Senior C/S of London Org.
Soon after, Carmela decided to go up the Bridge at Dror Center and went on to join staff at Dror in 1997. Carmela did her training at Dror and in the Tel Aviv Org until 2012, when the Dror team departed from the Church.

Dima Dubinin Sharing his Story

Dima Dubinin arrived at Dror Center in 1996 at the age of fifteen, to improve his study skills. He did much training and auditing at Dror and at the Tel Aviv Org of the Church of Scientology. When 20 years old, after completing military service, Dima decided to join Dror’s staff. Dima trained as an Academy Sup, Purif C/S and Class 5 Auditor in Tel Aviv and at the Tampa Org, Florida.

Hana Esentierova Speeding to OT

Last week, Hana Esentierova left Dror Center to return home in the Czech Republic after a three-months visit. During her stay here she accomplished remarkable progress on her Bridge to Spiritual Freedom.

Hana, to her friends Hanka, started studying Hubbard’s technology in 1992, in the Mission of Prague. At the mission, she met Hania Mrkos and supported him in establishing the Dianetics co-audit group, helping many people going up the Bridge.

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