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Guest at Dror – Kaspars Cveiģelis

Kaspars Cveigelis
Kaspars Cveigelis

Kaspars Cveiģelis began studying Scientology in 2012 at the mission of Riga, Latvia. He continued at the Advanced Organization in Copenhagen. Over the years, Kaspars noticed many outpoints and contradictions between Hubbard’s Tech and what goes on in the church. As a result, he decided to leave the church and look for where he can keep advancing on the Bridge.

Lari’s Back Home

Lari Hazanovich was born 20 years ago into a Scientology family. Both his parents, Yulia and Gershon, started on lines at Dror Center just before Lari was born. The family later moved to Tel Aviv and Yulia joined staff at the Tel Aviv Org. Lari was raised as a Scientologist, and a very eager one. When 15, he left home and country to join the Sea Org and become staff at the Flag Service Org.

Moshe Wilbushewich Aviv

Moshe Wilbushewich has attested to the State of Clear!

The Association of Free Scientologists Israel is happy to announce that Moshe Wilbushewich has attested to the State of Clear!

Moshe Wilbushewich, Tami Lemberger’s brother, began his journey in Scientology in 1989. At the time, Tami and Dani lived in the U.S. and when Moshe came to visit them he started doing courses and auditing at the New York Org. A year later, Moshe moved to Florida and continued his training at Flag, where he completed his Class IV internship.

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