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Tel Aviv Ideal Org — Straight Across and Prostrate

Now we have a new theatre hall in Israel, the “Alhambra”. Sounds familiar maybe? Yes, it’s the name of the historical building which is now the “Ideal Org” of Tel Aviv.
David Miscavige purchased this building for a whopping $6.5 mill of our money, that’s what the fundraisers told us. Then wasted another estimated $12-15 mill of our money to renovate it. The true number they are ashamed to disclose.

Hemi Benvenisti Returns

After Many years I am back on lines !

To all my friends and acquaintance, hello. Those of you who wondered how come I disappeared from your familiar scene, or why I am not active in the subject which was always important to me and close to my heart: spiritual work and development, here is finally the official explanation. despite the various events, difficulties and twists, it is important for me to state that in the end of the day, this is a happy story and full of hope. The first part, is the story in brief. In the 2nd part there’s an elaboration and further details on important points for those interested.

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