The Route to Spiritual Freedom

Last week we published a post, Ron’s Bridge @ Dror Center. We gave a brief overview of Ron’s Bridge and its evolution since Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health, published in 1950.

Some of our readers commented that they had difficulty viewing the chart of the bridge currently in use at Dror Center, which we have titled The Route to Spiritual Freedom. According to requests we have received, we now publish this chart and some words of explanation.

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Ron’s Bridge @ Dror Center

Already in his book, Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health, released by Ron Hubbard in May 1950, he spoke about ‘The Bridge’. Ron’s first mention of a bridge is in Chapter Seven of Book Two, Prenatal Experience and Birth, “But there was this shining hope, the above axiom. A bridge between insanity and sanity had to be built and there, in the axiom, one had at least a glimmer of a plan.

In the final chapter of the book, titled Dianetics – Past and Future, Ron discusses the bridge in detail. He says, “We are here at a bridge between one state of man and the next. We are above the chasm which divides a lower from a higher plateau and this chasm marks an artificial evolutionary step in the progress of man.”

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Eyal Tzoref – a Leading Attorney in Haifa

In October 2021, LifePower added a new title to its ever-growing library – Executive Freedom. This book brings to the reader the most vital tools of Hubbard’s vast Administrative Technology – Ethics, Organization, Statistics and the Operating Conditions, Product, Admin Scale, Why Finding, Dev-T, the Anti-Social Individual, the Third-Party Law, and much more.

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