Kaspars Is 7 Centimeters Away

Kaspars Cveigelis

Kaspars Cveiģelis is a familiar face on our website. Kaspars began studying Scientology in 2012 at the mission of Riga, Latvia. He soon noticed many outpoints and contradictions between Hubbard’s Tech and what goes on in the church. In 2016, he and his buddy Gatis Drevins arrived at Dror Center to receive training and auditing. They realized that Dror is THE place for Standard Tech and have kept arriving steadily since then.

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Dror at 30: Who? What? Why?

On 20th May 2022, we celebrated with big fanfare Dror Center’s 30th anniversary. These were thirty years of challenges, overcoming dangers, taking some crucial decisions, yet prevailing and building one of the world’s leading centers for the delivery of Ron Hubbard’s applied spiritual philosophy to hundreds of people from around the globe.

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