Leaving the Church

Ron’s Single Biggest Mistake

Written by Dani Lemberger

I got into Scientology at the COSMOD Mission, San Francisco, in April 1980. Didn’t take me long to become an avid Scientologist. I had huge wins on realizing I am an immortal spirit and on going exterior on TR0. I then did the NED Auditor Course, audited another student and thenknew that this is the Tech to set man free. I knew we had, in Scientology, at long last, the road to individual freedom. A Cleared Planet became my goal.

Ron’s Words on the Disconnection Policy of the Church of Scientology

Article written by Moti Weizman

Moti Weizman

The subject of disconnection in the Church of Scientology is grabbing headlines in the American and global media. The Church, through its spokespersons, tries to soften the issue and even denies its existence, as in the interview with ex-spokesman, Tomy Davis. See below:

Silvia Llorens at LRH Birthday

On the 15th of March, 2013, the Independent Scientologists of Israel held the LRH Birthday event at Dror Center. At the event, Silvia spoke about Standard Tech and its application at Dror Center. Silvia had been at Dror for a few weeks, helping them with the delivery of the OT Levels. Silvia served as a Class IX auditor and cramming officer at Flag for over 20 years and is an expert on delivery of the OT levels. I am sure you will find this video of much interest.

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