Leaving the Church

Dani and Tami at the coast

The Lembergers vs. the Church of Scientology

The leading Israeli newspaper, Yediot Aharonot, published an article today reporting that yesterday, November 2, 2014, a lawsuit was filed against the Church of Scientology. The lawsuit, made by Tami and Dani Lemberger, was filed in the Tel Aviv District Court. They argue that the church declared them Suppressive Persons in June 2012 and then went on to harass them, to publish libel against them and used confidential information from their personal folders in order to destroy their livelihood. The total amount they demand in damages is 3 Million Shekels, about $820,000.

Congrats… Ronit & Yossi Are Back

Ronit Yossi Charny
Ronit Yossi Charny
The Association of Free Scientologists Israel, AFSI, is pleased to welcome Ronit & Yossi Charny to the fold. They have now officially joined the group of Scientologists who are loyal to Ron Hubbard, intent on delivering Standard Tech, who disseminate Scientology and who are still naïve to believe we may yet “Clear the Planet” one day.

Grand Tour of the Indies 2013

A “Better-Late-Than-Never” Report by Dani Lemberger:

Grand Tour of the Indies 2013


Tami and I returned to Haifa on 28 July 2013, after a month-long tour of friends, old and new, across the U.S. Back home, we had to overcome the inevitable jet-lag and then handle a huge backlog of urgent cycles that piled up in our absence. Now, I can take a breather and attempt a summary of our trip and share with you our experiences and observations.

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