Carmela Weizman Completes Solo Auditor Course Part Two

Carmela Weizman joined the Dror Center team in 1997, about a year after she began studying Scientology. Carmela received training both at Dror Center and at the Tel-Aviv Org, and gained plenty of experience as an auditor who specializes in introductory services to new public. Most of the people who are advancing on the Bridge at Dror Center enthusiastically tell us that they began their journey with Carmela.

Carmela does her work with great care, concern and professionalism, and it clearly shows in her preclears’ determination to advance to the next service and achieve Clear.

In 2012, Carmela, along with her friends at Dror Center, left the church. Since then, Carmela is diligently advancing on the Bridge towards the OT levels.

And now, we are happy to announce that Carmela has completed Solo Auditor Course Part Two. We’d love for you to watch her video, please click the subtitles button on the YouTube bottom bar for English subtitles:

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