Carmela Does OT3!

Carmela just attested to completion of OT 3!
Carmela first heard about Scientology in 1994, when visiting her sister-in-law, Vivi Cohen, in London. Vivi was then the Senior C/S of London Org.
Soon after, Carmela decided to go up the Bridge at Dror Center and went on to join staff at Dror in 1997. Carmela did her training at Dror and in the Tel Aviv Org until 2012, when the Dror team departed from the Church.

At Dror, Carmela is responsible for interviewing new public and directing them to the service best suited to their needs. Carmela is a highly skilled auditor who specialized in introductory services, LifePower processes and counselling to families and assisting children. Many of the public at Dror are thankful to Carmela for starting them on the Bridge.

We now have a growing team of LifePower Coaches working throughout Israel, and Carmela has the additional hat of supervising and directing these new coaches.

In 2012, Carmela left the church together with her friends at Dror Center. Since then, in addition to helping others go up the Bridge, Carmela herself is making rapid progress. Her auditor skills definitely help her to Solo audit.

In March 2019, Carmela completed the Solo Auditor Course Part Two and in June 2019, she completed OT Eligibility.

Recently, Carmela completed OT 3 with great wins which she shared with us. We invite you to watch Carmela, we included subtitles in English for your convenience.

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