Friends of Dror

Tami No. 4: Your Road to OT!

Tami Lemberger

The Route to OT

Hello, my dear friends! This article is the last one in the series of the four articles that you have received earlier. In it, I will tell you about what happened to our group in 2012. How it can help you personally and how you can achieve full OT with our team. Finally, I will introduce you to the other Dror staff and I will tell you about the duties that they perform in the team.

Tami No. 2: The OT Levels Explained

Article written by Tami Lemberger

Welcome, my dear friends to the OT Levels !

2In the last article, we spoke about possible barriers to smooth progress up the Bridge to full OT. In case you did not read the previous article, I recommend that you read it first.

Today, we will talk about the OT levels, what they are and how one can get there.

Tami No. 1: Welcome, Dear Friends!

2Dear friend,

My name is Tami Lemberger, a Scientologist since 1980. I did my first courses at the San Francisco Mission, which was an uptone, on-purpose and fun place. I steadily continued my progress up the Bridge, both sides, training and auditing. I cognited on the value of the Tech and decided to become a professional auditor.

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