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Suppressive Person Declare – Dani & Tami Lemberger

Wanted! Chief Squirrels, Dani & Tami Lemberger
Wanted! Chief Squirrels, Dani & Tami Lemberger

The following letter of the ‘Suppresive Person Declare’ was distributed recently by a group named The Forum for Justice in Israel. We believe it may be of interest to our readers:

In HCO Bulletin of 5 November 1967, CRITICS OF SCIENTOLOGY, Ron says, “Those who criticize one for being a Scientologist or make snide remarks cannot stand a personal survey of past actions or motive. This happens to be a fortunate fact for us. The criminal abhors daylight. And we are the daylight.”

Lari’s Back Home

Lari Hazanovich was born 20 years ago into a Scientology family. Both his parents, Yulia and Gershon, started on lines at Dror Center just before Lari was born. The family later moved to Tel Aviv and Yulia joined staff at the Tel Aviv Org. Lari was raised as a Scientologist, and a very eager one. When 15, he left home and country to join the Sea Org and become staff at the Flag Service Org.


Some time ago we came upon a heated exchange on Tony Ortega’s site, which may be of interest to our readers.

On 2 January 2016, Ortega posted an article with a scathing attack on CNN and on Prof. Reza Aslan for daring to produce a what-might-become-a-positive-documentary on Independent Scientology. Ortega labeled it:

CNN plans to give L. Ron Hubbard his best press in decades.

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