Friends of Dror

Celebrating Passover: Freedom Holiday

The Jewish people, in Israel and around the world, celebrate Passover this week, the Freedom Holiday when the Hebrew tribe exited slavery in Egypt to freedom in the Promised Land. In this tradition, we celebrate a week of record releases on the Bridge to Spiritual Freedom.

Our Special Guest, Hania Mrkos of Prague

Hania Mrkos

Hania Mrkos of Prague, Czech Republic, recently paid his second visit to Dror Center. Hania came here to assist his friends from Prague in their progress on the Bridge.

Hania is an old-old-timer, doing his first Scientology course in 1973 at the Munich Org, Germany, when living in Basel, Switzerland. He fled there in 1968 when the Soviet tanks rolled into Czechoslovakia. Hania became an enthusiastic Scientologist, opening missions in Bern and working with top management to help with the Basel Org and elsewhere.

New Era Dianetics for OT’s –
Fully Explained

Hello, my dear friend! Here is Aviv Bershadsky, OT Levels Auditor and C/S at Dror Center.

About two years ago, I completed my Solo NOT’s auditing and I am currently receiving the L 10 Rundown from our Senior C/S, Tami Lemberger. Doing this Rundown really put me into the future regarding my Bridge progress.

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