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Declaration of the Declared

Making History

On this very day, 28th June, seven years ago, in 2012, Dror Center was declared suppressive and expelled from the Church of Scientology, CoS. This was the first time in Scientology history that a whole mission left the CoS to continue practicing Scientology independently.
Twenty years earlier, in 1992, Dror was founded by Tami and Dani Lemberger as the Scientology Mission of Haifa, Israel.

Yaniv Berliner Comes Back

Yaniv Berliner

Yaniv Berliner is a software engineer, a father of four, who lives in Yoqneam, a small town near Haifa.

Yaniv began his Scientology adventure 22 years ago, at Flag, while traveling in the U.S. He did the Communication Course with great wins but soon realized that the Church of Scientology is not where he wants to be. Yaniv returned home to Israel, remembering that the Tech itself is terrific.

The Story of LifePower

Dani Lemberger

Greetings from Dani Lemberger!
About a month ago I recorded a video, 29 minutes long, in which I talk about my Scientology history and present a major dissemination campaign my partners and I have been working on the past two years.
This project is called LifePower, it has its own website.
If you care about the future of Scientology, my talk may interest you.

Don Schaul’s Invitation for OT Levels

Don Schaul

On 5th March we published a post of Don Schaul’s completion of the Solo Auditor Course, Part One.

Don later attested to completion of Solo Auditor Course, Part Two. Today, we are happy to announce that Don Schaul has completed his OT Preparations and OT Eligibility and has received the invitation from Dror’s C/S to do his OT Levels.

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