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Nir Lahav Zooms to OT!

Nir Lahav

Nir Lahav has featured several times on our website. This, because he is totally determined to move rapidly up the Bridge to full OT.

Nir received his invitation to start the OT levels in October 2018, and decided to reach his goal fast. He stuck to his plan by going into session intensively and this definitely advanced him toward his purpose with incredible results.

TIR vs. LifePower: A not unbiased Comparison by Dani Lemberger

Dani Lemberger

Dear friends,
In May 2018, that’s 16 months ago, I recorded a talk in which I discuss Frank A. Gerbode’s book, “Beyond Psychology, an Introduction to Metapsychology”, and the technique he developed, TIR, Traumatic Incident Reduction. Although I admit I never read Gerbode’s book, I dared to compare it to the book I wrote, LifePower.

Tami Lemberger in Interview – Section Two

Tami Lemberger

Dror Friends is happy to present the second section of an Interview conducted by Viky Severin with Tami Lemberger in July 2019.
The first section was posted on 2 August 2019.
In this section, Tami explains what is the purpose of each of the lower Grades and how we can improve our States of Existence.

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