Friends of Dror

Nir Lahav on Achieving Power

Last week we published Don Schaul’s lecture at our conference in Aqaba, Jordan. Don’s lecture was one of five lectures which focused on Hubbard’s Management Technology. Today we post the lecture given by Nir Lahav on how to achieve Power on all your Dynamics. The full lecture is over an hour long, the length of this section is eight minutes and includes English subtitles.

Eyal Completes L 10

Eyal started studying Scientology at Dror Center in 1998. He is a Class IV interned auditor and a NED Auditor. Eyal is also a successful lawyer in Haifa.

Eyal did all his auditing up to the State of Clear at Dror Center. He then attested Clear and did his OT Levels up to Audited NOTs (“New OT V”) at AOSH EU, Copenhagen, in 2011.
Eyal publicly left the Church of Scientology along with his friends at Dror Center in July 2012.

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