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Dani Lemberger in Aqaba: ‘The Why’, Dror Center leaving the Church in 2012 and its expansion since.

Aqaba Photo Conference

We are pleased to bring you the fifth and final lecture of the Aqaba Conference held in October, 2019, by the three leading groups using using Hubbard’s Technology in Israel: Clearing Center, Pavel Shahar-Nir Lahav Consulting and Dror Center. This lecture was delivered by Dani Lemberger, expanding on data presented by the four earlier speakers: Don Schaul, Nir Lahav, Pavel Shahar and Eyal Tzoref. In his lecture, Dani discusses ‘The Why’, what is ‘The Real Why’ and how this relates to each person’s cause level and decision-making in life.

Hana Esentierova Speeding to OT

Last week, Hana Esentierova left Dror Center to return home in the Czech Republic after a three-months visit. During her stay here she accomplished remarkable progress on her Bridge to Spiritual Freedom.

Hana, to her friends Hanka, started studying Hubbard’s technology in 1992, in the Mission of Prague. At the mission, she met Hania Mrkos and supported him in establishing the Dianetics co-audit group, helping many people going up the Bridge.

Eyal Tzoref: Using the Organizing Board

Dror Friends is happy to present a section of the fourth lecture from the Aqaba conference. It was one of five lectures given during this conference, focusing on Hubbard’s Management Technology. In this lecture, Eyal talks about the Organizing Board with emphasis on how to use it in personal life. Eyal also explained the seven rules for proper financial management with many examples of how to apply it in life.

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