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The Unstoppable Dima Jitovetsky!

Dima Jitovetsky

And here’s an important announcement:

Dima Jitovetsky just completed Solo NOT’s!

Dima began studying Hubbard’s philosophy at Dror Center in 2000 and did all his auditing up to New Era Dianetics at Dror. He was many years on training at the Tel Aviv Org.
Dima attested Clear at AOSH EU, Copenhagen, in April 2011.

In 2012, Dima left the Church together with his friends at Dror Center.
Since then, he has continued his training and auditing successfully at Dror.

Luba Baram on Leaving the Church and the B-L-D Course

Luba Baram

The ‘Between-Lives Data Course’ is one of Dror Center’s most sought-after courses. This course was compiled from Ron Hubbard’s articles and lectures by Aviv Bershadsky, Dror’s OT Review Auditor and C/S. The course is delivered at Dror’s Academy and can also be done online with a digital course pack and checksheet. Today, we are happy to share with you Luba Baram’s success story from the course.

Meet Shay Shabbi – On Auditor Training

Dear friends,

Dror Center in Haifa and our Tel-Aviv partner, Clearing Center, are expanding steadily. We currently have in our academies 43 students training to become LifePower Coaches and Bridge Auditors.

A LifePower Coach learns to supervise other students on basic courses (such as the Effective Communication and Study Essentials courses), and is also a ‘Book Auditor’ that can deliver Recall Processes and the Basic Clearing Process.

Sneak Peek at Dror’s Future Home

Dror Center has been expanding rapidly over the past few years. We posted our stats for 2020 on 29th January 2021, and the affluence trend has continued since.

Dror’s growth is fueled by the LifePower books, course checksheets, and promotional actions which continue to attract new public to Ron Hubbard’s philosophy. For our readers who are not yet familiar with LifePower, we recommend that you watch “The Story of LifePower”, in which Dani Lemberger, author of the LP books, explains what prompted him to engage in this vast project.

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