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Aviv on Tour – New Jersey 2020

Dear friends,

Aviv Bershadsky, our OT Review Auditor, just came back from New Jersey, USA. Aviv spent a month there providing services of Ron Hubbard’s Technology at a large trading company, managed by Moshe Wilbushewich.

This was Aviv’s second visit to New Jersey, with the purpose of delivering auditing to the company’s executives. On his previous visit there, in January 2020, Aviv delivered the LifePower Communication Workshop, based on The Complete Communication Manual written by Dani Lemberger.

Vika V. Winning @ Dror Center

Dear Friends,
In July 2020, Dror Center hosted its Annual Graduation Party  in its beautiful courtyard. Throughout the event, many of the guests shared wins from their progress up the Bridge.

On July 31, we posted the story of Emilia Benyaminov, our Lead Academy Supervisor.

On August 14th, we posted Yulia Filchenko’s successes from auditing and training as an auditor.

Today, we are happy to present Vika Voland, who has been on Dror lines over 20 years.

Dror Graduating

Dear Friends,
Two weeks ago, we posted the first section of Dror’s Annual Graduation Party with the story of Emilia Benyaminov, our Lead Academy Supervisor.

Today, we present the second part of the event. Here, Tami Lemberger, Senior C/S, talks about the purpose of Dror’s activity and the importance of progressing on both sides of the Bridge, training and auditing. Tami then acknowledges Dror’s staff for their rapid progress up the Bridge.

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