Friends of Dror

Carmela Does OT3!

Carmela just attested to completion of OT 3!
Carmela first heard about Scientology in 1994, when visiting her sister-in-law, Vivi Cohen, in London. Vivi was then the Senior C/S of London Org.
Soon after, Carmela decided to go up the Bridge at Dror Center and went on to join staff at Dror in 1997. Carmela did her training at Dror and in the Tel Aviv Org until 2012, when the Dror team departed from the Church.

New LifePower Coach: Yafa Maman

Yafa Maman has been receiving auditing from Tami Lemberger, at Dror Center, since 1999. Several months ago, while running the Clearing Process, Yafa overcame the heavy loss of her brother who was killed in the 1973 war between Israel and Egypt. Yafa told us that she was not aware, until her auditing, how much this incident made a huge impact on her life. She experienced great relief when this was finally handled in session.

Yariv Marmor, Back at Dror

Yariv Marmor

Yariv Marmor has a Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering and Management, focusing on the operation of healthcare systems. He is currently a professor and Head of Department at ORT Braude College in Karmiel, Israel.
In 1999, after attending a Dianetics seminar, Yariv began studying Scientology at Dror Center, starting with introductory services and training as a Book One Auditor.

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