Friends of Dror

Salvis Spruzs – More on LifePower Riga

Dror Center recently enjoyed a deluge of visitors from Riga, Latvia.

First, it was Kaspars Cveigelis, co-founder of LifePower Riga and its General Manager. Kaspars was here to continue his auditing and hatting as an executive. Kaspars translated the LifePower Library to Latvian which forms the basis for all courses delivered there.

Thirty Years Old … And Going Strong

As you may recall, two weeks ago we sent you an invitation to Dror Center’s celebration of its 30 year anniversary and a housewarming for its new premises.
All were invited and over 130 guests attended the party on Friday, May 20th. There was food and drink aplenty, conversations were lively, a few speeches were given, our latest LifePower book was released and spirits were high.

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