Angelika’s Persistence Pays Off

Dima Dubinin, our veteran auditor, just came back from his fourth visit to Novi Sad, Serbia.
This time he returned with a stellar product: Angelika Novozhilova attested to the State of Clear!

Angelika is originally from Kazakhstan but now lives in Novi Sad, Serbia. She is a trained lawyer, specializing in international commercial affairs, and works in Serbia as legal counsel for a major energy corporation.

Angelika began her journey with Hubbard’s Technology at the Almaty Mission, Kazakhstan, together with her husband, Igor Kalinin. They both did some courses there and the Purification Rundown. They continued at AOSH EU, Copenhagen, but were stopped by technical arbitraries and refusal to provide the services promised. Angelika and Igor soon realized they cannot attain Clear and OT at the Church and finally, in 2012, decided to leave the Church.

Following years of no progress on the Bridge and looking for an org that delivers Standard Tech, Angelika and Igor found Dror Center in 2019. At their invitation, Dima went to Serbia for the first time in February 2020, getting Angelika started on the Bridge with great wins.

Dima returned to Serbia in August 2020 to continue auditing with Angelika and Igor. On this visit, Igor attested to the State of Clear and they both began their Solo Auditor Course, Part A.

In May 2021, Dima visited Serbia a third time. This time Angelika and Igor were joined by our friends from Riga, Latvia and all made great progress with auditing and training.

In October 2021, Dima was in Serbia again – visit No. 4!
This time it happened – Angelika attested Clear!
Here’s her success story:

"It is an amazing ability to be able to see when something affects your mind and to clear that thing out completely. I cannot express it in a better wording: the word 'Clear' best describes this state of mind.

"My awareness is clear, I physically feel like it is empty, it has no weight. My space is clean, and I can look at anything and accept it as it is. I will have to get used to this new state, but it is definitely amazing. A zillion thanks to my fantastic auditor Dima and my C/S who got me here!"

Dima and Angelika took a few minutes off to prepare a short interview in English. Here it is with subtitles:

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