And Now – It’s Athens

The international reach of Dror Center continues to expand. It is a source of excitement when new people arrive in Haifa from ever more locations.

Dror’s latest guest from a fresh territory is Kostas Pappas who arrives from Athens, Greece. Kostas and his wife Yulia first came to Dror in June 2022 for a brief visit to check things out. Kostas promptly returned for a longer stay in August to continue his rapid progress up the Bridge.

Both Yulia and Kostas were public at the Athens Org of the Church of Scientology for many years, but … same old story … barriers and arbitraries but no advance UP the Bridge. A lot of sideways motion but no desired action towards gains and the State of Clear and rising to OT.

It was only a few months ago that they realized they must make a change and swiftly found Dror Center. From the initial contact, forward progress was fast. Hear Kostas tell his story in two short videos.
Thank you, Kostas, for sharing with us:

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