An Interview With Dani Lemberger -Part D

Dani Lemberger
Dani Lemberger

Dror Friends is happy to present part D of an interview conducted by Aviv Bershadsky with Dani Lemberger in November 2018.

This interview is almost two hours long. For your convenience we divided it into four parts.

In part D, Dani describes actions taken after leaving the Chruch: acquiring all materials of OT Levels and L Rundowns and training on their delivery. He then discusses the future of Scientology, training auditors and a new exciting dissemination project.

00:36 Good, so what happened to your group after you left?

10:09 Having the OT materials and being able to deliver them are two different things.

10:15 So, how did you get over this gap?

13:56 What did you do about auditor’s training?

14:00 I know that it was in a downtrend in the Church for many years.

14:07 What did you do about this situation?

16:51 But when does a student do this course, after class IV?

17:54 Ok. So when he has done the Life Repair Auditor Course, he can start audit his PCs?

18:30 What about the L rundowns?

19:04 Now, I know there are many good professional Scientology auditors around the world,

19:11 but I think they are a bit struggling to get new PCs and to expand their practice

19:18 or even to resume auditing people. What did you do about this problem?

22:47 Now that you are six years outside of the Church,

22:53 and you did all this great progress and development,

22:58 how do you see the future of the Scientology movement,

23:04 Of people who love and admire and want to practice LRH’s works?

1 thought on “An Interview With Dani Lemberger -Part D”

  1. Good story Dani,
    I like your being on the way to deliver the whole Bridge.
    Also the data is you told is clear and will be understood by everybody.
    The most data was known to me, as being in the SO.
    Basiccally all the data is the same;I had a hard time when I found out in 2008 that everybody will lose and that we will not make it “with the official church” to clear the planet, I was traveling through Europe to visite all orgs and missions. All course rooms nearly, adriaan

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