An Interview With Dani Lemberger -Part B

Dani Lemberger
Dani Lemberger

Dror Friends is happy to present Part B of an interview conducted by Aviv Bershadsky with Dani Lemberger in November 2018.

This interview is almost two hours long. For your convenience we divided it into four parts.

Part B covers the services at Flag, arbitraries and perversion of the Tech at Flag. Also, David Miscavige and RTC disrupting Flag. Dani describes receiving Debbie Cook’s mail of January 2012 and his attempts to handle outpoints within the Church.

00:35 Dani, tell me about your Solo NOTs adventure at Flag?

04:18 So, what you are saying, is that a PC,

04:22 who can talk freely to anybody on any subject, which is the EP of Grade 0,

04:30 cannot attest to Grade 0, if he is critical of Miscavige?

20:07 A terrifying story. So what happened In 2012?

25:11 What was the message of Debbie Cook’s mail?

26:41 So what did this mail lead you into?

4 thoughts on “An Interview With Dani Lemberger -Part B”

  1. Perfect music at the start. “Start Me Up” by Rolling Stones, great. We start Dani up with the interview.

  2. Yes.

    Truth will always hit you in the face, it never goes away.

    Very well done Dani.


    Kevin Tanner


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